Estate jewelry is most commonly used to define vintage jewelry that has been passed for generations. Jewelry collectors will tell you that jewelry pieces need to be at least 20 years old to be classed as vintage.

To be considered an antique, jewelry should be around 100 years old. Authentic ancient jewelry can be incredibly pricey because of how rare it is.

Estate jewelry is usually sold when the owner passes or when the family is downsizing. Both antique and vintage jewelry tend to be greater in quality than modern-mass produced pieces which is why they are so popular among jewelry collectors.

If you’re interested in purchasing estate jewelry, this is what you need to keep in mind:

1) Ask where the jewelry came from

Some jewelry stores will have information on the origin of your jewelry item. They will know how old the item may be and who it was made by. Oftentimes the origin of the jewelry can determine the price.

2) Go to the a trusted seller

Estate jewelry can be found in jewelry stores that carry pre-owned jewelry, at an estate sale, at an auction and at online sites like eBay.

As convenient as sites like eBay may be, they aren’t the best place to purchase fine jewelry. It’s very easy to get scammed on such sites.

Only purchase estate jewelry from trusted sources that provide you with authentic grading certifications to prove that the jewelry is genuine and worth the price you’re paying.

3) Educate yourself on diamonds

In order to stop yourself from paying more than you need to, make it a point to educate yourself on diamonds before you go out to purchase them. Research the 4Cs and how they impact the price of diamonds.

4) Ask the help of a professional

If the jewelry doesn’t come with a grading report, ask the help of a professional appraiser or gemologist. Do not take the risk of purchasing estate jewelry without a grading certificate or an appraisal.

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