If you’re thinking of going with a custom engagement ring, you’ll need to figure out the kind of band you want to go with. For diamond engagement rings the most common settings consist silver colored metals – white gold and platinum.

White gold and platinum are significantly more popular than rose gold and yellow gold because they compliment diamonds beautifully regardless of their quality and clarity. Silver metals have a way of making the diamond shine brighter than it would on a rose gold or yellow gold setting.

People looking for a silver setting have to pick between a white gold band and a platinum band.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when picking a metal band for your ring:

Color and Care

If you didn’t already know, there is no such thing as “white gold”. The white gold we’ve all come to love is actually a mixture of yellow gold and other metals like manganese, palladium, silver, nickel and rhodium.

Over time the silvery color will fade and the yellow tinge of the original gold will begin to show. In order to retain its color, white gold needs to be re-dipped in rhodium every few years. The process may be a hassle but it’s inexpensive.

The color of platinum isn’t as bright as white gold; it’s more a grayish silver unlike the bright white silver of white gold. Although the platinum band will never change to a yellow color, it will return to its grey patina. Platinum bands will also have to be professionally polished to restore its original color. The cost of polishing platinum is similar to dipping white gold in rhodium.

Note that there is a visible difference in white gold and platinum so if you have a white gold band, the rest of the jewelry should also be white gold. This applies for platinum bands too.


Since platinum is much more rare, it is also expensive. Platinum is also heavier than white gold.


Both platinum and gold are relatively strong metals but platinum is heavier and therefore stronger. Under certain conditions gold can become soft and may bend.



In certain cultures gold symbolizes wealth and wisdom. Since it doesn’t tarnish easily it used to symbolize lifelong love.

Platinum is a fairly new metal. Even though it is more expensive than gold, it doesn’t have the sort of prestige associated with it.

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