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How To Choose Perfect Engagement Ring November 20 2018, 0 Comments

Engagement rings are extremely personal, unique to each person and signify the individual's style and taste.

5 Timeless Engagement Ring Designs August 20 2018, 0 Comments

Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring made waves this year; last year it was Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped ring and the year before, it was some other celebrity who rocked a trend worth trying out. Each year, someone or the other sends the rest looking for the trendiest engagement ring design of the year.

Engagement ring trends come and go but there are some that are timeless. No matter how many years go by, the following diamond engagement ring designs are always going to be around:

1. The Classic Solitaire

The beauty of the solitaire lies in its simplicity. It’s just a single diamond stone placed on a band. The only drawback of a solitaire ring is that it relies on the quality of the diamond. Because there is no shine from supporting diamonds or crystals, solitaire diamonds need to be of high quality so they can sparkle brightly.

The bands of most solitaire rings are also thin so the attention remains on rock itself.

If you don’t want to spend time looking at rings of various styles then opting for a single brilliant cut diamond and placing it on a quality band is the way to go. Solitaire rings are truly a classic and will never go out of style!

2. The Large Emerald Cut

Many celebrities are seen donning large emerald cut diamond rings, for one simple reason – it looks huge. Celebrities will usually make headlines for the size and price of their rings which is why so many are proposed with expensive diamonds that can be spotted from afar. Both Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez were proposed to with beautiful, elegant, emerald cut rings we’ll always remember.

If you have the budget and are looking for timeless ring design, look into the emerald cut rings.

3. The Mesmerizing Oval Cut

 he Mesmerizing Oval Cut

Classic shapes like rectangles, squares, circles and ovals will always be in style. These shapes may be simple but they make stunning engagement rings.

Oval diamond rings come in all kinds of styles. They tend to have many more facets than emerald cut diamonds therefore, they dazzle more.

4. The Diamond Set Shank

The diamond set shank is a setting for a diamond that involves covering the band with smaller diamonds or crystals to add the sparkle of the ring. It works with diamond of any shapes.

5. The Cushion Cut Halo

 Speaking of classic shapes, the cushion cut is perfect for those who’re looking for a ring with softer edges. The cushion cut doesn’t have the defined edged of a square or rectangle diamond and contains more facets.

The beauty of the diamond is further enhanced when it is bordered with a halo setting.

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you work can work with our artisans to design your own ring.

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White Gold Or Platinum? What’s Better For An Engagement Ring? August 17 2018, 0 Comments

If you’re thinking of going with a custom engagement ring, you’ll need to figure out the kind of band you want to go with. For diamond engagement rings the most common settings consist silver colored metals – white gold and platinum.

White gold and platinum are significantly more popular than rose gold and yellow gold because they compliment diamonds beautifully regardless of their quality and clarity. Silver metals have a way of making the diamond shine brighter than it would on a rose gold or yellow gold setting.

People looking for a silver setting have to pick between a white gold band and a platinum band.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when picking a metal band for your ring:

Color and Care

If you didn’t already know, there is no such thing as “white gold”. The white gold we’ve all come to love is actually a mixture of yellow gold and other metals like manganese, palladium, silver, nickel and rhodium.

Over time the silvery color will fade and the yellow tinge of the original gold will begin to show. In order to retain its color, white gold needs to be re-dipped in rhodium every few years. The process may be a hassle but it’s inexpensive.

The color of platinum isn’t as bright as white gold; it’s more a grayish silver unlike the bright white silver of white gold. Although the platinum band will never change to a yellow color, it will return to its grey patina. Platinum bands will also have to be professionally polished to restore its original color. The cost of polishing platinum is similar to dipping white gold in rhodium.

Note that there is a visible difference in white gold and platinum so if you have a white gold band, the rest of the jewelry should also be white gold. This applies for platinum bands too.


Since platinum is much more rare, it is also expensive. Platinum is also heavier than white gold.


Both platinum and gold are relatively strong metals but platinum is heavier and therefore stronger. Under certain conditions gold can become soft and may bend.



In certain cultures gold symbolizes wealth and wisdom. Since it doesn’t tarnish easily it used to symbolize lifelong love.

Platinum is a fairly new metal. Even though it is more expensive than gold, it doesn’t have the sort of prestige associated with it.

Ready to pick a setting for your custom engagement ring? Work with our artisans to get the most out of your budget!

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How Eternity Rings Came To Be August 13 2018, 0 Comments

Even though, eternity rings may not be as common as engagement rings and wedding rings, many jewelry stores still offer stunning collections.

There is little difference between wedding bands and eternity rings. Most typical wedding bands are made of plain metal such as gold, silver or platinum.

Eternity rings on the other hands are a bit more decorated; they consist of intricate designs and have small diamonds with no spacing between them you can’t tell where it begins and ends.

So did eternity rings come to be?

Eternity Rings – Where it all began

It is said that the ancient Egyptians were the first to introduce the concept of giving rings in romantic relationships to represent commitment for life. The tradition was then adopted by the Greeks and Romans. However, neither of these groups gave more than two rings (engagement rings/wedding rings), so where did the concept of eternity rings come from?

Like many other traditions in the West, the concept of eternity rings was also introduced and pushed by a corporation – De Beers to be specific.

The influence of De Beers

 engagement rings should have diamonds

Today there is a general agreement that engagement rings should have diamonds but this wasn’t the case earlier. In the past people gave engagement rings of all kinds of metals and gemstones but that all changed in 1947.

In 1947, De Beers launched its iconic Diamonds Are Forever campaign. The campaign successfully strummed the heart strings of the youth with its romantic ads, their beautiful models and the “Diamonds are forever” slogan that implied that diamonds were better than all other gemstones. If you really want to show you love her - you’ll give her a diamond ring.

The campaign was a success not just in the local market, but around the globe. In a matter of years, diamonds rings were synonymous with engagement rings.

De Beers and the small diamonds from the Soviet Union

De Beers had a similar role to play in the growth of eternity rings.  De Beers had an agreement with the Soviet Union and bought 95% of their uncut diamonds. These diamonds were much smaller than the ones that were typically sold at the time.

Being a leader in the industry, De Beers used the diamonds to create an entire new category – Eternity rings. Eternity rings had stunning arrangements made of small diamonds and were supported by a powerful ad campaigns that featured slogans like “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going”. The eternity rings were targeted at women who had been married for some time.

The trend caught on and other jewelers followed in De Beers’ footsteps.

When are Eternity Rings given?

There’s no rule for when eternity rings should be given. People give them after 10 years of marriage or after their first child is born – it’s totally up to the individual buying the ring.

Are you looking for an eternity ring? Check out Solitaire Jewelers selection of dazzling diamond rings and wedding bands.

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High-End Designer’s Guide to Buying Vintage Jewelry August 09 2018, 0 Comments

Buying vintage clothing is a lot easier than buying vintage jewelry. Go to your local thrift store and you’ll find everything from high waist midi skirts from the 60s to the neon bomber jackets from the 80s.

You can judge vintage clothing entirely on its design but when it comes to vintage jewelry, you need to consider variables such as the metal that it is made out of, the type of gemstones on it, their carat weight, etc. Because authentic vintage jewelry is generally more expensive than vintage clothing, you’ll need to spend some time figuring out if the purchase is worth it.

So how do you buy vintage jewelry? British Vogue sat with global designers to find out how they felt vintage jewelry should be bought. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Look for authenticity, durability & any signs of damage

First and foremost, you have to make sure that the piece you’re looking at is authentic. There’re a lot of people out there selling counterfeit products and deceiving customers. It helps to have the piece appraised by a jeweler you trust. If you’re purchasing jewelry from a reliable jeweler, ask them to provide a GIA certificate to verify the authenticity of diamonds.

Once you’ve established the authenticity of the jewelry, you can now check its durability and whether it has any signs of damage. Are its gems secured in their clasps? Is anything loose or falling apart? Is it tarnished from anywhere?

2. Materials and jewelry items that should be avoided

Enamel and pearl pieces look beautiful when they are new but unless they’re well looked after, they’ll wear out. Enamel jewelry embodies eras from the past. Their bright colors and images make them excellent statement pieces that are add a refreshing twist to modern outfits. With that being said, enamel jewelry can become brittle with time and more prone to chipping.

Like enamel jewelry, pearls also lose their luster with time as their chemical structure is compromised so if you’re looking for a pearl necklace or earrings, it’s best to invest in a new piece rather than go for a vintage item.

There’s no need to avoid certain jewelry items. People are apprehensive about vintage earrings because they are inserted into ear holes but as long as you sterilize them, you should be fine.

3. Maintaining vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry that isn’t well-maintained may need to be cleaned or polished at home to restore its shine.

Most vintage jewelry can be cleaned using warm water, a soft-bristled brush and washing liquid. Revive the sparkle of the jewelry by gently brushing the gems and the metals and leave them on a towel to dry.

Solitaire Jewelers has a vast collection of vintage jewelry that consists of pieces from Ming’s, Chopard and other renowned brands. Aside from vintage jewelry, we’re known for our exquisite selection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

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Why The Wedding Ring Is Worn On The Left Hand August 03 2018, 0 Comments

From a very young age we already know that engagement rings and weddings rings are worn on the finger next to our pinky that is amply named the ‘ring’ finger.

Throughout the world, it’s generally accepted that most people wear their wedding and engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand

Ever wondered why is it that we’ve picked out a specific finger to don this precious item of jewelry? What if the ring is too loose for the ring finger? Can it be worn on a different finger?

Let’s find out:

The Wedding Ring

 The Wedding Ring

Wearing the wedding ring on the on the ring finger isn’t a modern concept; it’s actually a tradition that has been passed on since the ancient times.

The Romans believed that the finger had a vein connected to the heart. The vein was named the “vena amoris” which translated to “the vein of love”. It only makes sense to solidify the commitment of life-long love by adorning the fingers that hold the special veins that link directly to their heart.

But what happens when the ring doesn’t fit the right finger?

While the Romans were convinced that it was the fourth finger that was linked to the heart, modern science tells us that all fingers connect to the heart. The fourth finger isn’t special! However, people haven’t let silly little things like “logic” get in the way; the wedding ring is still worn on the fourth finger in most countries.

The Engagement Ring

Since Western cultures continue to wear wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand, engaged couples have also followed in their footsteps. They too want their ring to be placed on this
“special” finger. In some European cultures where the wedding ring is worn on the right hand, the engagement ring is still placed on the left hand.

In Latin American countries like Brazil and Columbia, the engagement ring is placed on the right hand during engagement and then moved to the left hand in the wedding ceremony. The Germans and the Dutch, wear their wedding rings on the right and their engagement rings on the left.  

The Wedding Band

To make things even more confusing, Western cultures also exchange wedding bands. Wedding bands are also rings but they are much simpler in design. They are designed to be worn all the time.

If you have an engagement ring, a wedding ring and a wedding band and you want to wear them all together, you should consider “stacking”. Stacking means you can place the rings on top of each other. People usually place their wedding bands at the bottom and the put their engagement and wedding rings on top. Some brides even go as far as soldering their engagement rings and wedding rings together to make it easier for them to manage.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you place your ring. Traditionally, rings that symbolize a spousal relationship are placed on the fourth finger but if for whatever reason you want to wear it on a different finger, go right ahead!

It’s your ring, your finger, where it wherever you want!

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a wedding band, Solitaire Jewelers is the place for you! We have diamond engagement rings, beautiful weddings rings and elegant wedding bands.

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Promise Rings: Everything You Need To Know July 30 2018, 0 Comments

You’ve probably come across at least a few people who’ve been given promise rings.

Generally, the concept of an engagement ring and a promise ring is the same but there are some differences in the kinds of the rings that are given and in their sentimental value.

The engagement ring is given (and accepted) when you decide that you want to be together for life. The reasons for giving a promise ring vary; the promise ring simply represents a commitment of some sort – it doesn’t have to be a commitment of love. Usually, the promise is kept between just the wearer and the giver.

Promises Between Couples

 Promises Between Couples

Even though promise rings can be given as a symbol for all kinds of promises, they are most prominently used to show commitment between couples. They depict that the couple intends to get engaged in the future. This can be after graduation, once an out-of-town (country) has ended or when they have enough money saved up.

Promise rings are also becoming popular amongst couples who don’t believe in marriage. They simply move in together and use the ring to show others that they are committed. If they happen to change their minds, the promise ring is moved to the right hand.

Promise Rings In Other Relationships

Other than romantic relationships, promise rings are given by parents to their children as symbols of their love, they are exchanged between best friends to mark their friendship and even as purity rings to show their pledge to abstinence.

What Should A Promise Ring Look Like?

Promise rings aren’t meant to be flashy like engagement rings. They are smaller in size and much subtler in design. If they have gemstones, they are tiny in size and don’t have much of a sparkle.

They may or may not consist of a diamond and when they do, the diamond isn’t the star of the ring – the design is.

There’s a difference in the metals used in the rings. The most popular metal bands used in engagement rings are 14K-18K gold and platinum bands. In promise rings the metal isn’t so pricey; the most prominent metals include 10K sterling silver and gold.

Many promise rings will have motifs of interlinked hearts, the infinity symbol, flower, etc.

Regardless of the kind of promise you want to make, a promise ring is a gorgeous symbol of love and commitment.

Solitaire Jewelers has a stunning collection of fine jewelry including diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and more! We also have some rings on sale that will make great promise rings.

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Are Colored Diamonds More Expensive? July 27 2018, 0 Comments

In their search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, people often ask if colored diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds.

Colored diamonds have an aesthetic appeal to them. Just imagine the bright dazzle of a high-quality diamond with dark hue of purple or a deep blue. Not only are colored diamonds beautiful, they also stand out since clear diamonds are most popular.

In order to understand the difference in price for colored and white diamonds, let’s compare costs of loose colored and white diamonds.

Key Rule – The Rarer The Diamond, The Greater The Price

 Key Rule – The Rarer The Diamond, The Greater The Price

As for the price difference, the general rule when it comes to diamonds is that the rarer they are, the more expensive they get.

Colored diamonds only make up about 1-10% of all extracted diamonds; the rest is made up of white diamonds. Despite colored diamonds being as rare as they are, there are certain types of colored diamonds that are surprisingly affordable; in some cases they may even lost lower than white diamonds.

The pricing of colored diamond is determined by its supply and demand. Colored diamonds that are low in supply but high in demand will inevitably have higher prices. On the other hand there are colored diamonds that have a fairly high supply but not necessarily a great demand; these can cost you less than their white diamond counterparts.

How We Dictate Trends

Humans have a tendency to long for what we can’t have. When we realize that others too can’t have it, we get even more excited.

The value of colored diamonds depends on their rarity and on fashion trends. When Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a stunning 6 carat pink diamond, the demand for pink diamonds shot up. Of course, the average consumer can’t afford a rock like J’LO’s but they can still pick smaller diamonds with a pink hue.

The same happened when Paris Hilton resurfaced in magazines, showing off her massive canary yellow diamond engagement ring.

The prices for colored diamonds

Colored diamonds can be broken into 4 main groups based on prices:

1. Relatively Affordable Colored Diamonds

In this group we have the yellow, brown and gray diamonds. These diamonds don’t quite have the demand to push the prices up therefore their costs are comparatively low.

2. Mid-Range Diamonds

Mid-range diamonds include vivid yellow diamonds and orange diamonds. Diamonds that have color with high-intensity fall into this range. You’ll find diamonds that have a pure orange color; these are amongst the most expensive colored diamonds. You’ll also find orange diamonds with hues of brown, these will cost much less.

Customers can get away with buying dark diamonds of lower carat weights because the dark color hides and flaws.

3. Extremely Rare Colored Diamonds

There’s a reason Ben Affleck proposed with a pink diamond – it’s incredibly rare and very expensive. The world’s rarest colored diamonds are pink, blue, green, purple and violet. These glistening gems are sold in auctions for millions of dollars. A single carat of these diamonds can costs tens of thousands of dollars. Any improvements in color and size will only make the price higher.

4. Ultra-High – The Rarest Color Of Them All

Out of all known diamond colors, one is worth more than any other color.

The red diamond is the rarest of them all, making it the most expensive diamond. They only come with a Fancy intensity.

It’s tough to get an estimate on the cost of red diamonds because of the huge differences in their hues. A purplish red diamond of 0.20ct can cost $300,000 while a 0.40ct can cost $500,000.

Back in 2013 a red diamond weight 1.56 carat named the Argyle Phoenix was sold for undisclosed amount. What we do know is that the cost per carat was a whopping $1.25million!

Love diamonds? Solitaire Jewelers has an exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Our jewelry collection consists of engagement rings, wedding bands, luxury watches and more.

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The Perfect Diamond Tips You Should Know July 25 2018, 0 Comments

The term diamond dates back to the Greek ages. They were purely used as a tool at that time.

Best Diamond Shapes For The Size Of Her Hand July 24 2018, 0 Comments

Here’s something you probably didn’t think of – not all diamond shapes will look good on her hand!

It’s true, the size of her hand is important. A ring that looks great in your mom’s hand may look awful in your bride-to-be’s hand. When it comes to rings, size matters!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help make the search for the perfect engagement ring a little easier with this quick guide.

Use the following to pick the best diamond shapes for the size of her hand:

An Intro To Diamond Shapes

There are 10 diamond shapes that you can pick from: round, cushion, princess, emerald, heart, Asscher, oval, radiant, marquise & pear.

Think of her lifestyle and her personality. Has she been raving about having a big showy wedding? Or is she the more practical type that spends wisely?

Would she want a ring that big, shiny and turns head or would she prefer one that’s more subtle?

If she wants something she can wear everyday that doesn’t grab too much attention then go for classic shapes with a solitaire.

In the case your bride-to-be enjoys opulence and drama go for halo or three-stone ring.

Best Shapes For Small Hands

 Best Shapes For Small Hands

Petite and small hands look best with smaller diamonds. An engagement ring with a large diamond may look impressive but its large size isn’t made for her delicate fingers. If your partner has small hands, go for diamonds that are as dainty as her.

  • Stone cuts in small round, oval, Asscher, marquise, pear and princess shapes will suit her best.
  • It’s also better to go for a minimalist band; look for either a thin or open band.

Best Diamond Shapes For Wider Fingers


If your girl’s got wide fingers, look for big, bolder ring shapes.

  • Go for fancy diamond ring shapes such as: oval, marquise, emerald & rectangle.
  • Fill up her wide-finger with a three-stone ring.
  • Asymmetrical designs and angular shapes keep things interesting on wide-fingers.
  • Opt for a medium to thick band.

Best Diamond Shapes For Piano Fingers

Best Diamond Shapes For Piano Fingers

Does your girl have long and slender fingers? You’re going to have to dig deep into your pockets and get her a large rock.

In order to keep things proportional, you’ll have to go for bigger and wider shapes.

  • Fancy, round, & large oval shapes look great on long fingers.
  • Bold designs with thick bands are your best options; you can even consider a ring with a double band to fill things up.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to buying her an engagement ring that she’s sure to love!

Solitaire Jewelers has engagement rings of all shapes and sizes. Browse through our collection of elegant engagement rings online or visit us in our showroom in Honolulu, Hawaii. You can work with our artisans and design your own ring.  

Your Guide To Buying Estate Jewelry June 08 2018, 0 Comments

Estate jewelry is most commonly used to define vintage jewelry that has been passed for generations. Jewelry collectors will tell you that jewelry pieces need to be at least 20 years old to be classed as vintage.

Repurposing Old Jewelry—Here’s What To Keep In Mind June 04 2018, 0 Comments

All of us have some jewelry in our collection that we’ve haven’t worn in years. Fine jewelry is hard to give away so we usually let it remain in the box but old jewelry can be put to better use by repurposing it.

Old jewelry can be altered to create new jewelry that you’re more likely to wear or it can be taken apart and used to create decorations.

Here are some tips on repurposing old jewelry:

5 Heirloom engagement ring etiquette rules to follow June 01 2018, 0 Comments

Heirloom engagement rings carry a little more weight than a ring that was picked off the shelf for a few reasons. They have more sentimental value compared to a ring that was bought from the showroom. By proposing with a ring that has been passed on from generation to generation you’re letting your loved one know how eagerly you want her to be a part of your family.

Creative Ways To Give An Engagement Ring May 29 2018, 0 Comments

Proposals in chick flicks are always romantic— they also happen to be very creative. While not everyone can book a stadium and invite Lana Del Rey to sing their partner’s favorite song (like Kanye did for Kim), they can do a little better than dropping a ring in a champagne glass.

How To Get A Stunning Engagement Ring Without Breaking Your Bank! May 21 2018, 0 Comments

Ready to go shopping for the ring you’ll propose with? It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune if you know what you’re doing.

Check out these tips on buying a beautiful ring without it breaking your budget:

Tips On Designing Custom Engagement Rings May 18 2018, 0 Comments

Prince Harry’s engagement ring was that much more special because he’d put that extra thought into it. Unlike his brother, he chose to add a personal touch to his ring. He added value to the ring by giving tribute to his mother by adding gemstones from her collection. The biggest gemstone on the ring is from Botswana, where the prince often takes his wife-to-be.

To someone who doesn’t know the symbolism behind the gemstones the ring may look like any other diamond ring but to the royal couple, there is more to the ring than meets the eye.

This personal touch is what you should be trying to achieve by designing a custom engagement ring. 

Check out these tips on designing a custom engagement ring:

Creative Ideas For Custom Engagement Rings May 14 2018, 0 Comments

The perfect engagement ring isn’t just any beautiful diamond ring; you’re very rarely going to come across a diamond ring that you do not like. The perfect engagement ring is one that matches her taste in jewelry, which truly embodies your relationship and brings a smile on your face.

Designing a custom engagement ring gives you room to be creative and craft something that is unique and more meaningful.

Check out these creative ideas for custom engagement rings:

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking Wedding Jewelry May 09 2018, 0 Comments

As much as we’d like to make a style statement whenever we can, there are certain times where its best to go the traditional route – wedding jewelry is one of them. When it comes to wedding jewelry is best to keep things conventional.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when picking wedding jewelry:

Think Like a Jeweler, Buy Like a Jeweler: How-to Get The Best Deal In Jewelry March 29 2018, 0 Comments

It’s easy to think you have been duped into buying a certain piece of jewelry, paying more than its actual worth in the market. Chances are that is exactly what happened. Many buyers are tricked into buying a diamond ring or gold piece by vulture sellers primarily because they go in unprepared.


It’s important to step inside the jeweler’s shoes when buying diamond or gold jewelry. Thinking like the jeweler in this case will help you get the best deal.

Consider the following points before saying yes to your fiancée’s diamond engagement ring!

Remember – Colored Stones Are Always Treated

‘Natural’ colored gemstones don’t exist, at all. You won’t find them anywhere and least of all in a jewelry store! But colored stones can be found in pieces of finished jewelry? Yes, set gemstones can be colored. However these stones are usually treated or heated prior to being set in the ring or necklace.

Another term that should be remembered is finished jewelry. It means that a piece has been completely assembled i.e. set with the center stone.  

Never Buy On Your First Visit to a Jewelry Store

The first sign of an amateur jewelry (or any) buyer is making a purchase at the first store you look inside. This is a big no-no! Jewelry stores are like viewing houses – you stop and admire a piece of jewelry that catches your eye and exit the premises.

Taking their business card is okay, but never leave your personal information at the store! Feel drawn to that jewelry item? Conduct research online about similar pieces or look into other stores. On your next visit, state some facts about jewelry similar to the ones you have your eye on.

Quote lower but still realistic prices and compare the different pieces.   

Never Examine a Diamond in the Sunlight

It doesn’t matter how poorly cut a diamond is… the stone will still sparkle blindingly in the sun once it’s clean. Don’t trust a jeweler who insists that you examine a diamond under the sun, checking for brilliance and cut.

Buying a diamond based on luster alone isn’t a good idea. Additionally, knowing a little about how the diamond is cleaned before closing the sale will help you get a good deal. For instance – ask for a tissue to clean off diamond dust from a loose stone. This will force the jeweler to rethink his strategy, thinking you are an informed buyer.  

Another important point many diamond buyers don’t realize is that the 4Cs don’t always matter when buying a diamond. It’s equally important to look at the make i.e. proportions of the diamond before making a final decision.

Sometimes it’s better to buy diamond or gold jewelry from an online store, not just because you’ll definitely find better choices but good deals as well! Visit Solitaire Jewelers and see our extensive collection today!


The Perfect Anniversary Gift – Because Diamonds Are Forever March 28 2018, 0 Comments

No other gemstone enjoys the highly loved or girl’s best friend status as diamonds. Even a small diamond, winking from the safety of a ring setting can be charming and irresistible. Diamonds are said to be forever. It should come as no surprise that diamond jewelry is considered the best wedding anniversary gift!


Ideal for men and women alike, diamonds are the most alluring of all known gems. But what makes a solitaire diamond ring the perfect anniversary gift idea?

Diamonds Are Forever – And So Is Your Love and Commitment

Name one rare gemstone and immediately a diamond is what you’ll think about – with an incredibly rare and unique structure. One of the strongest substances on earth, a diamond cannot be bent or broken. Much like a marriage vow which is made to a person you love with all your heart.

Giving her a diamond ring on your wedding anniversary will cement that love and tell the world how invested you are in the relationship. It is a way of telling your beloved how much you care about her and cherish every moment together.

Gifting a diamond ring can also revive an older romance, forgotten by the responsibilities of married life.  

Find Her Style – The First Commandment of Diamond Ring Buying

Buy your woman a ring she’ll love to show off to her friends. Buy a diamond ring that reflects her style and personality better than any words. Remember – this investment will stay with you forever.

Consider her jewelry choices before setting out to buy this item. Rifle through her jewelry box or observe what she wears. Think back to all those times when she mentioned diamonds and jewelry in one sentence. This information will serve you well when choosing a ring style and stone.  

Bought The Perfect Anniversary Gift? Deliver It Just As Perfectly

There are many different ways to present a gift to that special person in your life. The difficult part is to actually buy a diamond ring and other jewelry in a good price.

The recipient might already be expecting an anniversary gift but that doesn’t mean you cannot add in the element of surprise. Find someone your loved one would never think of and give the wrapped ring for personal delivery.

It can be a small child or an obedient pet with the jewelry box safely tucked in its collar. Under these circumstances, your loved one won’t expect to uncover a piece of fine jewelry!    

Take a trip to Honolulu’s finest jewelry store Solitaire Jewelers and see what catches your eye. We have a large collection of diamond and gold jewelry.

Certified vs. Non-Certified Diamonds – Which Shines Brighter? March 27 2018, 0 Comments

Diamonds aren’t like bread. We don’t buy them every day and sometimes even take out special jewelry pieces for special occasions. We have little idea regarding the worth and value of a loose diamond – relying entirely on the internet and what little research is carried.


Which is why Honolulu based Solitaire Jeweler reiterates the fact – research and more research will help you find a good diamond.

Are you buying it? Hold your horses! Never make the mistake of buying a loose diamond instantly.

This process has to be slow and steady to ensure you don’t regret your decision after a few months or years. Also, taking time with the buying process will allow you to verify if the diamond is certified or not.

Certified and Non-Certified – What Is the Difference

A diamond is a diamond, right? Not right! Buying a certified diamond provides the buyer with more advantages compared to an un-certified stone. But what makes a certified diamond different? Additionally, how does the diamond certification process work?

As we know, every buyer must look at the 4Cs before making any decision. There is another C that is equally important but often overlooked by buyers.

This is the certification of the diamond, which testifies that the purchased diamonds are genuine. Such a certificate will also provide an idea of actual worth of the diamond.  

Value Certification: Your Diamond’s Ultimate Credential

Why bother with certification if all diamonds look the same? This is one of the many frequently asked questions about diamond certification, with a simple answer.

A diamond is awarded a certificate after careful evaluation. Every aspect of the stone is taken into consideration when identifying actual (or an idea) value of the diamond. You’ll know you are buying a superior quality diamond if accompanied by such a value certificate by an accredited organization.   

This certificate will also help your diamond selling prospects, when you feel the time is nigh to upgrade or invest elsewhere.


What Does The Certificate Include?

In short, a diamond certificate includes the complete identity of your diamond. It’s also known as a grading report for this reason as diamond certification includes complete information. What factors are considered when grading the diamond?

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Cut
  • Brilliance
  • Color

You can get a replacement for your diamond in case it’s lost or gets stolen, if you have the stone’s certificate on hand. Are you confused between two diamonds? Choose the one with certification from GIA. You can also educate yourself about everything diamonds through Solitaire Jewelers.

The 4Cs—What You Should Look for When Buying a Diamond March 26 2018, 0 Comments

All it takes for a woman to accept a man’s marriage proposal is the right question followed by the unveiling of the perfect diamond engagement ring. What goes into buying the perfect and most beautiful ring?


A lot of factors actually… buying a diamond isn’t a piece of cake especially when you are a first-time buyer. So, how to make this process super easy? Understanding the 4Cs of diamond buying is important…

Diamond Buying Guide – Know Your 4Cs

Buying a diamond for the purpose of designing an engagement ring is a tough job on your shoulders. You will learn quickly how much disparity exists in diamond pricing when searching for the perfect gemstone.

How is price and value determined? All diamond jewelry experts agree that a diamond’s quality can be judged with help from the 4Cs. What are they?

The four Cs are:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight
  • Cut

Learn what each C means before setting out to shop. Choose a reliable diamond jeweler before making any decision! Following is a basic understanding of the 4 Cs of diamond buying, which will not only unlock the mystery of a diamond’s quality but also help buyers understand the diamond’s value and price.

Diamond Color

This term actually refers to absence of color in most diamonds. The stone will actually be more valuable and beautiful, the less colorful the diamond. Many of the color differences cannot be seen from the naked eye but they still affect overall diamond quality and price.

Diamond Carat Weight

This term refers to the diamond’s actual weight. Generally speaking, a stone is going to be more expensive, the higher its carat weight. However, two exactly same weight diamonds will never have the same quality and price when calculated with the other Cs in consideration.

Diamond Cut

One thing to remember is... a diamond’s shape isn’t the same as its cut. What does this mean? A diamond cut means quality of workmanship and the proportion/arrangement of diamond facets.

This important factor determines brilliance, fire, and sparkle in a diamond.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity measures size, placement of inclusions within the item and external blemishes found at the surface.

Common grades that feature in diamond clarity are flawless, diamond clarity that is free from any imperfections!  

Don’t think you can buy a good quality and beautiful looking diamond? Want to bet on this? Visit Solitaire Jewelers today and see how we can assist in diamond buying!

Getting Engaged? How to Select a Diamond Engagement Ring March 25 2018, 0 Comments

What do you think is the most difficult part when planning a proposal?

Asking your loved one to marry you is definitely high up on the list. Then there’s planning the entire affair—it needs to be perfect! 

However, selecting the engagement ring that you will slide on her finger is the most difficult part!

Who knew guys would need all the help they could receive in both matters but following is a helpful guide on how to select a beautiful engagement ring:

First Things First: Decide on a Budget

It’s the thought that counts, right? Yet, there’s no denying she’ll want something big and sparkly.

So, how do you find a ring that has the sparkle, size and one that falls within your budget? Your budget for the shopping excursion plays an important role in determining which ring is right for making a proposal with.

Make sure to decide on a budget early on, whether shopping alone or with her for the ring! This will let you know of all available options regarding ring designs and center stone characteristics.

You can also find a smaller diamond that is more aesthetically pleasing (and valuable) than a bigger one, scarred with cracks and other deformities.

Finding the Right Ring Style is Important

Don’t force your preferred ring style on your partner! Remember, she has probably been thinking of this moment all her life so choosing the wrong ring style can ruin it slightly.

You don’t know her jewelry style and have little idea of diamond engagement rings in general.  Take a cursory glance at her jewelry box and find out common elements. Look at what she is wearing and think about her jewelry style when at work and elsewhere.

Pay attention to what catches her eye next time you pass a jewelry store! Even better, just visit one with her for some window shopping.     

Pay Attention to the Ring Setting

Unlike diamond ring style, choosing the perfect setting is important. It allows the diamond to sparkle to their greatest effect!

Choosing the right diamond engagement ring’s setting will also reflect her personal style in a better manner.

There are many ring settings to choose from but the diva of engagement rings stands apart from all the rest. Featuring a single diamond set in a mount, the solitaire setting is an example of classic elegance at its most beautiful.

Want a bit of sparkle and oomph? Choose a halo ring setting which features smaller full-cut diamonds surrounding a bigger diamond in the centre.

Finding the right ring isn’t hard work considering Solitaire Jewelers is here to help every step of the way. Don’t have time to make a list of stores and visit them individually? Come to us, armed with the largest selection of diamond engagement rings!

Diamond Guide: 3 Most Affordable Diamond Shapes March 24 2018, 0 Comments

Diamond ring, wear it on your hand. It’s going to tell the world I am your only man” – Bon Jovi


Look up songs about love, romance literature and everything in between; it talks of one common thing: eternity. Infinity. Exclusivity.

There’s a reason why we choose a diamond ring to profess our love. It’s because that gorgeous stone encompasses eternity: a diamond is forever.

In this piece, we’re talking about stunning—yet affordable—diamond stone shapes that spell forever.

Find Affordable and Beautiful Diamond Shapes

It takes a few factors to consider before the right diamond engagement ring is in your grasp. You can consider the 4 Cs when selecting the best of the best yet it won’t ensure your choice is affordable and under the budget.

Are you looking to buy a diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank? Following are some affordable diamond shapes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Even though pear-shaped diamonds are considered the fourth most expensive in the diamond industry, comparably this shape is less expensive than the round diamond. Buyers can expect to make savings of close to $1,500 or even more when buying this beautifully unique diamond shape!


Shaped like a delicate teardrop, this shape is stunning in its simplicity as loud in character.

Princess Shaped Diamond Ring

After the round brilliant diamond, the princess-cut is the most popular diamond shape. Does this accolade make the diamond unreachable and expensive for the common man?


On the contrary, the princess cut diamond is far more affordable than round diamonds! How is this possible? A round diamond retains only 50% of the rough diamond when cut precisely whereas a princess cut diamond can retail up to 80%!

Diamond cutters don’t have to put so much effort in preparing a princess cut diamond hence the incredible affordability…

Marquise and Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

Yes, both are considered fancy shapes and probably closest in price to the round brilliant. Yet, considering all things the marquise and oval diamond shapes are $1,000 cheaper compared to a round diamond of the same quality and shape!


It’s difficult to know and find affordable diamond engagement rings that are also really beautiful, unless buyers know at least a little bit about diamond shapes. Don’t have a preference? Do give these shapes a chance at spreading happiness and tears of joy!

Make the right choice by visiting Solitaire Jewelers online store today! You can also design your own diamond engagement ring with our assistance and expertise.