All of us have some jewelry in our collection that we’ve haven’t worn in years. Fine jewelry is hard to give away so we usually let it remain in the box but old jewelry can be put to better use by repurposing it.

Old jewelry can be altered to create new jewelry that you’re more likely to wear or it can be taken apart and used to create decorations.

Here are some tips on repurposing old jewelry:

· Make an appointment with trusted jewelers

Head to a trusted jeweler to learn a little more about your old jewelry item. They’ll carefully examine the jewelry item and advise them on what can be done with it. They’ll let you know how it can be changed or if its part can be used to create a completely new item of jewelry.

They’ll even tell you if repurposing the piece is the best option. Sometimes the jewelry item in question may be worth much more than you expected; this usually happens with vintage pieces that have been passed down for generations. In this case, it will be better to sell the piece for a good price instead of repurposing it.

· Get inspiration

If you do decide that it’s better to repurpose your jewelry do a quick search on the Internet to get awesome ideas for repurposing jewelry. The Internet is filled with creative ideas on repurposing jewelry including converting necklace pendants into fancy brooches, bracelets and rings.

· Just sell the precious gems

 Sometimes it’s difficult to savor all the parts of vintage jewelry. Some vintage jewelry can look very outdated and may not sell at a good price either. For such pieces, it’s best to remove the diamond(s) and other precious gems that may be on it, have them polished and sold separately.

Aside from selling beautiful fine jewelry, Solitaire Jewelers also buys high-quality pre-owned jewelry. We purchase and sell estate jewelry after having them appraised by our experienced jewelers. Our collection of estate jewelry consists of everything from estate brooches to Ming’s jewelry.

We also purchase and sell loose diamonds. You can bring in your jewelry at our showroom in Honolulu, Hawaii and our jewelers will advise you on the best way forward. We can repurpose it to create a custom-made ring or just remove the diamonds for you.

For more information feel free to contact us at 1-808-955-3333.