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An Introduction To Gem Studded Bracelets August 10 2018, 0 Comments

Some of the popular gem studded bracelets are as below.

Introduction To Gem Studded Bracelets

Solitaire Engagement Rings... What Makes Them The Best? May 29 2018, 0 Comments

Solitaires never go out of style, they work on any size hand/finger, and no one will need to guess what your relationship status is. It's obviously an engagement ring.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

What Makes Diamonds So Irresistible To Her? March 17 2018, 0 Comments

Women love jewelry and makeup and almost any other thing that helps them enhance their beauty—but diamonds have a special place in a women’s heart. She may be able to give away the pearls that have been in the family for generations but you can’t separate her from her diamonds.

So, what is it about diamonds that make them so special to the ladies?

1) They’re fascinating

Everything about a diamond is captivating—from the way they sparkle, their strength, the fact that they don’t erode to how they are made.

To think of it, a diamond is just a regular piece of carbon – it doesn’t look much different to charcoal but then it undergoes processes that completely transform its appearance until it gains a dazzle that is unmatched to any other gemstone in the planet! Who wouldn’t want something so rare and precious?

2) They’re expensive

We’ve been programmed to appreciate things that cost a lot. Diamonds are some of the most valued gemstones in the market. The main factor in determining the price of the diamond is its cut. The more intricate the cut, the more the diamond sparkles and the more it sparkles, the greater its cost.


3) The Hollywood Influence

For decades now, we’ve watched one celebrity after another get engaged and show off their giant rocks.

Their engagement rings are compared by magazines and other media platforms. Before you know it, the everyday woman has her heart on being gifted something similar. It’s highly unlikely that the price of her diamond will come close to a celebrity’s diamond engagement ring but it will get attention from all her friends and family members.

4) It’s a symbol of love

The diamond engagement ring has become a symbol for love. A diamond holds all the qualities couples hopes their relationships will have. Since diamonds rings are synonymous with engagement rings now, it represents a milestone in a couple’s relationships and holds sentimental value like no other jewelry item in a woman’s collection.


At Solitaire Jewelers, we have diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Our collection of loose diamonds comes in a large variety of cuts, shapes and carat weights, in a wide-range of prices. We also have an assortment of gorgeous diamond engagement rings for you to pick from.

If you still can’t find the perfect engagement ring for her, head over to our store in Honolulu, Hawaii and work with our skilled artisans to custom-design your own ring!

Battle Of The Design – Which Is Better Halo Or Solitaire? December 09 2017, 0 Comments

There was a time when an engagement ring meant a single solitaire diamond set in the center of a beautiful yellow or white gold band. The man had it easy! Or did he?


Traditional solitaire engagement rings have taken a backseat. People looking for something different are choosing a new engagement ring trend – the halo ring.

Let us discuss what makes both ring designs stand out and which is truly the best one in the following:

New In Style - What Is a Halo Ring

Currently known as one of the most popular engagement ring styles, the halo diamond or colored stone ring is incredibly unique. It’s also a practical buy for people with a low or limited budget but who want to invest in a beautiful ring.

Engagement halo ring settings feature one center stone and a collection of round pave or micro-pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. The end result is a halo of smaller sparkling diamonds encircling a slightly larger stone.


This design draws the eye right to the center stone, illuminated with the flash of the tiny stones. The center diamond actually looks much bigger than it is which is also why the halo design is preferred.

Benefits of Diamond Halo Rings

These benefits will further decide which trend is the best:

  • You can get more bang for your buck with diamond halo ring settings
  • Halo diamond engagement rings seem fuller without the expensive price tag
  • Any kind of diamond or gemstone can feature at the center of the ring
  • This setting provides additional protection to center stone

Traditional and Classic – Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring design features just what it says. A single gemstone is mounted or set on a platinum, white gold or gold band. Solitaire ring designs are mutually exclusive from multiple-setting categories, strictly by its very definition.

A popular example of the solitaire diamond ring design is the Tiffany setting. However there are other solitaire designs considered at level with the Tiffany like bezel, flush, arched, or tensions settings. These are all good alternatives to consider.


Why to Invest In This Ring Design?

There are many reasons why a solitaire diamond setting always works best for diamond engagement rings. The most important one is the timeless appearance.

The classic design of the setting can easily match with any personality and style. A solitaire ring can be bought in any budget. Best of all… its simple beauty will ensure a solitaire diamond stands the test of time and changing diamond ring trends.

In the end, what design you invest in depends on personal preferences. Just know what you want first, the rest will follow. Take a look at Solitaire Jeweler’s diamond engagement ring collection and buy at an affordable rate.



Think Like a Jeweler, Buy Like a Jeweler: How-to Get The Best Deal In Jewelry December 08 2017, 0 Comments

It’s easy to think you have been duped into buying a certain piece of jewelry, paying more than its actual worth in the market. Chances are that is exactly what happened. Many buyers are tricked into buying a diamond ring or gold piece by vulture sellers primarily because they go in unprepared.


It’s important to step inside the jeweler’s shoes when buying diamond or gold jewelry. Thinking like the jeweler in this case will help you get the best deal.

Consider the following points before saying yes to your fiancée’s diamond engagement ring!

Remember – Colored Stones Are Always Treated

‘Natural’ colored gemstones don’t exist, at all. You won’t find them anywhere and least of all in a jewelry store! But colored stones can be found in pieces of finished jewelry? Yes, set gemstones can be colored. However these stones are usually treated or heated prior to being set in the ring or necklace.

Another term that should be remembered is finished jewelry. It means that a piece has been completely assembled i.e. set with the center stone.  

Never Buy On Your First Visit to a Jewelry Store

The first sign of an amateur jewelry (or any) buyer is making a purchase at the first store you look inside. This is a big no-no! Jewelry stores are like viewing houses – you stop and admire a piece of jewelry that catches your eye and exit the premises.

Taking their business card is okay, but never leave your personal information at the store! Feel drawn to that jewelry item? Conduct research online about similar pieces or look into other stores. On your next visit, state some facts about jewelry similar to the ones you have your eye on.

Quote lower but still realistic prices and compare the different pieces.   

Never Examine a Diamond in the Sunlight

It doesn’t matter how poorly cut a diamond is… the stone will still sparkle blindingly in the sun once it’s clean. Don’t trust a jeweler who insists that you examine a diamond under the sun, checking for brilliance and cut.

Buying a diamond based on luster alone isn’t a good idea. Additionally, knowing a little about how the diamond is cleaned before closing the sale will help you get a good deal. For instance – ask for a tissue to clean off diamond dust from a loose stone. This will force the jeweler to rethink his strategy, thinking you are an informed buyer.  

Another important point many diamond buyers don’t realize is that the 4Cs don’t always matter when buying a diamond. It’s equally important to look at the make i.e. proportions of the diamond before making a final decision.

Sometimes it’s better to buy diamond or gold jewelry from an online store, not just because you’ll definitely find better choices but good deals as well! Visit Solitaire Jewelers and see our extensive collection today!


The Perfect Anniversary Gift – Because Diamonds Are Forever December 07 2017, 0 Comments

No other gemstone enjoys the highly loved or girl’s best friend status as diamonds. Even a small diamond, winking from the safety of a ring setting can be charming and irresistible. Diamonds are said to be forever. It should come as no surprise that diamond jewelry is considered the best wedding anniversary gift!


Ideal for men and women alike, diamonds are the most alluring of all known gems. But what makes a solitaire diamond ring the perfect anniversary gift idea?

Diamonds Are Forever – And So Is Your Love and Commitment

Name one rare gemstone and immediately a diamond is what you’ll think about – with an incredibly rare and unique structure. One of the strongest substances on earth, a diamond cannot be bent or broken. Much like a marriage vow which is made to a person you love with all your heart.

Giving her a diamond ring on your wedding anniversary will cement that love and tell the world how invested you are in the relationship. It is a way of telling your beloved how much you care about her and cherish every moment together.

Gifting a diamond ring can also revive an older romance, forgotten by the responsibilities of married life.  

Find Her Style – The First Commandment of Diamond Ring Buying

Buy your woman a ring she’ll love to show off to her friends. Buy a diamond ring that reflects her style and personality better than any words. Remember – this investment will stay with you forever.

Consider her jewelry choices before setting out to buy this item. Rifle through her jewelry box or observe what she wears. Think back to all those times when she mentioned diamonds and jewelry in one sentence. This information will serve you well when choosing a ring style and stone.  

Bought The Perfect Anniversary Gift? Deliver It Just As Perfectly

There are many different ways to present a gift to that special person in your life. The difficult part is to actually buy a diamond ring and other jewelry in a good price.

The recipient might already be expecting an anniversary gift but that doesn’t mean you cannot add in the element of surprise. Find someone your loved one would never think of and give the wrapped ring for personal delivery.

It can be a small child or an obedient pet with the jewelry box safely tucked in its collar. Under these circumstances, your loved one won’t expect to uncover a piece of fine jewelry!    

Take a trip to Honolulu’s finest jewelry store Solitaire Jewelers and see what catches your eye. We have a large collection of diamond and gold jewelry.





Certified vs. Non-Certified Diamonds – Which Shines Brighter? December 06 2017, 0 Comments

Diamonds aren’t like bread. We don’t buy them every day and sometimes even take out special jewelry pieces for special occasions. We have little idea regarding the worth and value of a loose diamond – relying entirely on the internet and what little research is carried.


Which is why Honolulu based Solitaire Jeweler reiterates the fact – research and more research will help you find a good diamond.

Are you buying it? Hold your horses! Never make the mistake of buying a loose diamond instantly.

This process has to be slow and steady to ensure you don’t regret your decision after a few months or years. Also, taking time with the buying process will allow you to verify if the diamond is certified or not.

Certified and Non-Certified – What Is the Difference

A diamond is a diamond, right? Not right! Buying a certified diamond provides the buyer with more advantages compared to an un-certified stone. But what makes a certified diamond different? Additionally, how does the diamond certification process work?

As we know, every buyer must look at the 4Cs before making any decision. There is another C that is equally important but often overlooked by buyers.

This is the certification of the diamond, which testifies that the purchased diamonds are genuine. Such a certificate will also provide an idea of actual worth of the diamond.  

Value Certification: Your Diamond’s Ultimate Credential

Why bother with certification if all diamonds look the same? This is one of the many frequently asked questions about diamond certification, with a simple answer.

A diamond is awarded a certificate after careful evaluation. Every aspect of the stone is taken into consideration when identifying actual (or an idea) value of the diamond. You’ll know you are buying a superior quality diamond if accompanied by such a value certificate by an accredited organization.   

This certificate will also help your diamond selling prospects, when you feel the time is nigh to upgrade or invest elsewhere.


What Does The Certificate Include?

In short, a diamond certificate includes the complete identity of your diamond. It’s also known as a grading report for this reason as diamond certification includes complete information. What factors are considered when grading the diamond?

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Cut
  • Brilliance
  • Color

You can get a replacement for your diamond in case it’s lost or gets stolen, if you have the stone’s certificate on hand. Are you confused between two diamonds? Choose the one with certification from GIA. You can also educate yourself about everything diamonds through Solitaire Jewelers.




Show Your Unique Style By Custom Designing Your Diamond Engagement Ring! December 05 2017, 0 Comments

Gone are the days when diamond engagement rings were displayed on plush cushions – chosen with just a point of the finger. Gone are the days of mass marketing and production of diamond engagement rings, one design to fit every woman. Gone are the days of not having enough choices in diamond rings.


The modern bride is doing away with the concept of pre-made diamond engagement rings as per the jeweler’s and market’s preference. The newest trend to hit the diamond engagement ring market is… customized rings!

Are you planning to propose to your beloved? There are many reasons why it’s a better idea to design the engagement ring rather than purchase a pre-made one.

One of a Kind Style and Design

Your loved one is a unique person… different from everyone else in the world. She deserves a ring that is different in style and design, one that reflects her personality! When you buy a ring from a traditional jewelry store, chosen from the catalogue – you’re really choosing a ring that’s owned by other women as well!

Big chains and jewelry stores mass-produce and market their ring styles and designs, so don’t be surprised if your colleague’s wife has the same ring.

Comfort Fit and Practical

It’s difficult to get the perfect and comfortable shank fitting when looking at mass produced ring styles. Comfort fit rings have slightly curved edges on the ring’s inside. This results in an incredibly comfortable fit.

On the other hand, standard rings have a straight interior and don’t possess the extra slight metal dome that is a trademark of custom designed rings. This step in the finishing of a ring is considered unnecessary which is why most mass-manufacturing facilities don’t design this feature.  

Choose the Perfect Ring According Your Budget

The best advantage of designing your own diamond engagement ring is that the perfect style can be chosen regardless of budget constraints. You can choose how high or low you wish to pay for the engagement ring.

Why pick an expensive one if you can do without the unnecessary expenditure while ensuring a beautiful and flawless engagement ring?

With custom designed rings, you can choose every aspect of the ring i.e. its metal, stone carat, or other precious stone alternatives that can lower down the cost even more.

Yes, going this route is definitely easier and simpler on the pocket and mind of the couple. However, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible on the jewelers before saying yes to an engagement ring design.

Make your life easier by visiting Hawaii based jewelry store Solitaire Jewelers today. We offer exquisite diamond engagement rings as well as a ‘design your ring’ feature.


Shopping For An Engagement Ring – Things To Know Before Setting Out December 04 2017, 0 Comments

Not many experiences are as daunting as engagement ring shopping, be it alone or with your fiancée. It may seem as if the perfect diamond engagement ring doesn’t exist no matter how many jewelry stores you search.


Browsing different diamond jewelry catalogues is just a recipe for more confusion – what with the extensive collection many jewelers offer as well as alternatives of diamond engagement rings.

Yet, this is a task that you cannot get away from. Have little idea what to look for when engagement ring shopping? Keep the following in mind before setting out:

Diamond Shape Matters First – Settings Come Secondary

Is the diamond shape more important that the 4 Cs? Yes, you must know what diamond shape your beloved fiancée-to-be will prefer even before considering the 4 important Cs. Diamond settings are also secondary when it comes to shape because shape indicates actual geometry of the stone.

It’s also important to consider a quality setting of your chosen diamond engagement ring. A setting is the metal framework in which the diamond or another stone is mounted. Why is the ring setting important? It helps to set the overall tone for the ring.

Consider purchasing a classic round engagement ring stone embedded in a bezel setting. The end result will be a fresh and modern take, preferred by 21st century brides.

Measure Your Significant Other’s Ring Size

Not every ring can be resized to fit the wearer. Don’t forget this when shopping for an engagement ring! Isn’t this why most jewelry stores in Hawaii offer ring resizing services? It’s possible to resize a ring but this process requires cutting out silver, then either adding more metal or closing the gap completely.

What kind of rings cannot be easily resized?

  • Many antique rings
  • Engraved rings
  • Rings with gems wrapped around the band
  • Rings with tension setting

Consider Engagement Ring Purchasing Avenues

There are three main options when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. You can either design your own ring, buy a pre-made one, or visit an online jewelry store.

Designing your own ring i.e. buying a customized ring is considered the best option seeing how the end product will be to your fiancée’s preferences. However, this option can take a longer time to complete.

Benefits of buying online or from a brick and mortar jewelry store are:

Buy Online

Browsing through an online catalogue has become easier, with so many different styles of diamond engagement rings available from vendors. Many jewelry companies even offer practical and convenient shipping.

Buy in a Physical Store

You get what you see in a brick and mortar store. Additionally, the chosen engagement ring is yours to take home immediately even after resizing.

It’s important to think about how and where you will purchase the engagement ring as that’ll ensure price markup is affordable. View Solitaire Jeweler’s online catalogue and choose the prettiest one for your loved one.

Question Of The Day: When Should You Order Your Wedding Bands? December 01 2017, 0 Comments

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Do you see a pretty apartment located in a posh area of your city, sipping tea with the love of your life? Do you see yourself married or engaged?


If you’ve found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, congratulations! Nothing is as precious and beautiful as two people in love!

Thinking of popping the question but not sure it’s the right time? There are many reasons why it may not be the best time to ask this important question but isn’t life about forward planning?

It makes sense to buy the wedding bands before popping the question if you are completely sure about this decision. Then again, every good thing takes time to happen – it doesn’t matter if you don’t purchase an engagement and wedding ring in advance to your proposal.   

Here is when you should order your wedding bands!

Don’t Buy a Wedding Band With Your Diamond Engagement Ring!

Your girlfriend of 3 years said yes to your marriage proposal? Are you both going diamond engagement ring shopping for the formal family dinner later in the week? Would it be a great idea to buy wedding bands as well as the engagement ring?

No… waiting is entirely in their best interest when it comes to wedding bands. So, what is the best time then?

Jewelry experts in Hawaii, Solitaire Jewelers recommends somewhere between 3-4 months before the wedding is the best time. Having a shorter engagement period? Mid-point between engagement and the wedding is the best time… as long its six to eight weeks.

Good news! Wedding bands typically cost much lower than diamond engagement rings. Must be because wedding bands are generally designed with a simpler design although you can have as many embellishments added!

Shopping at the right time for your wedding band will keep overall wedding expenses down, which should be your end target.

How to go about this?


Purchase a Bundled up Jewelry Deal

Sales representatives of jewelry stores want you to spend as much as possible buying diamond jewelry, so that they can meet their sales targets. Pushing salespeople can be annoying yet you can turn this into your advantage!

Buying a lot of jewelry from the same store will give you more leverage to ask for discounts.  

Make Metals Selection Wisely

Platinum wedding bands are more popular yet incredibly expensive. Cost effective options for wedding band metals are gold-plated and sterling silver!

Compromise for now… you can always upgrade your wedding bands later in life when you become more secure in your life and career.

In the end, you will know when the right time is to buy a wedding band. Just make sure to buy a beautiful one from Solitaire Jewelers.  


Most Expensive Diamond Cut – It’s Not What You Think! November 30 2017, 0 Comments

Just as a few factors influence our decisions in everyday life, so does the 4Cs influences how much every stone is and should be priced.

It is obvious – a perfectly unblemished, flawless, and well-proportioned stone will cost a lot more than a flawed diamond, even if showcasing the same carat weight.


However, there is another factor that influences final diamond price which is supply and demand. The entire diamond industry revolves around this simple concept.

A factor that is responsible for depreciating value and price of certain diamond shapes while creating a monopoly of demand for others is the brilliance of a diamond.

Diamond Shape –What Is the Most Expensive?

In the midst of many diamond cuts and shapes, only one is the fairest of them all.

It’s the round brilliant diamond. The reasoning behind its popularity is simple, a diamond is known because of the sparkle it throws.

Round brilliant diamonds deliver more sparkle due to well placed facets each piece features, which is also why brides prefer round brilliant diamonds as the centerpiece of their engagement ring.  

Additionally 75% of all diamonds sold in the world are round brilliant diamonds. However, it’s not only the popularity of this diamond cut that increases the price.  

What Makes This Cut More Expensive Than Even Fancy Cut Diamonds?

The world’s diamond market is mostly run by rules of demand and supply i.e. if the item’s production is low, price shall be high. The same rules apply to round brilliants! While demand for this beautiful diamond cut is incredibly high, production is relatively low.

This is why all round brilliants are priced higher per their carat weight.  Is there another reason for their expensive and illusive nature? Yes, how round diamonds are cut also dictates automatic high price.

A Lot of Rough Stone Is Wasted In the Process

Wastage from cutting of a rough diamond is comparatively higher than other cuts. This increases cost per carat weight. In fact, in a comparison of round brilliants and fancy cuts… cost of round diamonds will exceed 25% to 35%, even if the same carat, color, and clarity.

Its price doesn’t stop people from investing in this brilliant and beautiful cut!

Is price stopping you from buying the most beautiful diamond a girl can and should get? Visit Honolulu based Solitaire Jewelers and view our beautiful and large collection of diamond jewelry, both modern and vintage.



It’s In The Stars – Buy Jewelry According To Your Star Sign November 29 2017, 0 Comments

Different cultures across the world have always believed in the magical and healing powers of crystals and gemstones. Colorful gemstones, featuring vivid designs and imperfections have been used in rituals – meant for increasing spirituality, mortality, or another such thing. Each gemstone was thought to direct positive energies to the wearer, in combination of a particular sign or planet.

Many people prefer to buy a gemstone that corresponds with their zodiac sign, as a good luck charm or simply because the piece is uniquely ‘theirs’! Want to find a piece of jewelry that doesn’t only fit you perfectly but also your personality?

Following is a list of our recommendations, for the popular star signs:  

Diamond for Aries

What are the words that best describe an Aries woman? Adventurous, confident, and always optimistic—qualities such as these deserve recognition from the best gemstone!

The timeless and ever-classic diamond is perfect – whether set in a bold Chopard pendant necklace or featured in an elegant split shank solitaire ring.  


Sapphire for Virgo

The Virgo woman isn’t only beautiful but also talented, ambitious, courteous and a perfectionist. There is only one gemstone that matches her personality and drive—the sapphire. Chances are you already have eyes set on an exquisite piece of jewelry that matches your lifestyle. If not, maybe a Blue Ceylon Sapphire Platinum Ring will catch your fancy.


Ruby for Pisces

Immensely talent with attractive side qualities of humility, perceptive and supportive makes up the Piscean woman. Fiery ruby fit the bill quite nicely, a beautiful gemstone that symbolizes passion and unbridled love.

Alternate gemstones for this multi-faceted personality are Aquamarine and Amethyst. This Ruby Diamond Halo Ring from Solitaire Jewelers is a good jewelry consideration.

A stunning combination of aquamarine and amethyst can be found in this offering by the same jeweler.


Peridot for Leo

The Leo woman is generous, creative and passionate. Such a gentle yet fierce soul deserves a gemstone that offers the same qualities – complementing greatly in the process.

Although the Peridot is the gemstone for this zodiac sign, truth is Leo like to mix it up. They have an innate sense of style, meaning their jewelry box comprises one of kind pieces which they have no trouble making their own.    


Take a look at this vintage styled Lapis Lazuli and Gold Bracelet.

Not so intent on buying a jewelry piece set with your birthstone? Solitaire Jewelers offers a wide range of estate jewelry pieces in gold, platinum and other precious metals! Visit our store today.


Is It the Right Time For You To Get Engaged? November 28 2017, 0 Comments

When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you simply can’t wait any longer to get started. Some couples wait years before marriage and commitment.


Some people date for years, and then get engaged for a brief time before whirling in the wedded bliss. The real question – one that perplexes many couples is how do you know when it’s the right time to get engaged?

The very idea of getting engaged is enough to bring on the butterflies – who doesn’t love the starry-eyed romance behind a perfectly executed proposal? It’s more than what the romance movies and books show according to relationship expert Susan Winter.

Marriage or even the idea of engagement is a serious commitment… one that requires communication, compromise, and going with your instincts.    

Put a diamond engagement ring on her (or his) finger if you check-off the following:

You Have a Shared Sense of Direction

Getting engaged with the love of your life means someday you’d want to marry and live together. Marriage doesn’t simply mean sharing a joint living space! Marriage means planning your lives around each other. Are you planning to spend your lives together or just your days?

How to know your lives are headed together in the same direction? Close your eyes and think: Where do you both see yourselves in five years? What about ten?

It’s time to get engaged if you have a really clear vision of where your life is headed and where you want it to go, together as a team.

You Are Past That Hazy Dopamine Induced Feeling

It is natural to feel unnaturally happy during the first few weeks of dating. This is the dopamine talking, a feel-happy chemical response in your brain. Dopamine makes us feel overly positive, causing people to wrongfully believe a union has long-term legs.

This natural high begins to wear off after six months to a year, the time when you begin to think clearly. That habit you found cute before may suddenly begin grating on your nerves!

Give time to let the early-stage dopamine haze wear off before deciding to pop the question. Still love her quirkiness and ability to sing badly at 1 a.m. in the shower? Marry her!

Deciding to get engaged or married is a big decision that should be given a lot of time. In the end, go with your gut and make sure you know what you’re getting into. Who knows you may just win at this game called love…

Amaze your sweetheart with an engagement ring worthy of her brilliance and beauty. Solitaire Jewelers offers the largest collection of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from!




Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring! November 27 2017, 0 Comments

What once was old is new again.

There are a lot of styles in clothing and jewelry that we would love to see again, while others shouldn’t even see the light of day!

One style that is coming back is vintage jewelry especially engagement rings.


Buying and Selling – Vintage Jewelry Becoming Popular!

There are still many who prefer buying new or customized jewelry, whether earrings or engagement rings. Yet more soon-to-be engaged couples are choosing to buy vintage engagement rings, perfect for setting them apart from the rest.   

Additionally, the market for vintage jewelry is expanding, considering owners are putting their jewelry pieces up for sale.

Thinking of buying a vintage engagement ring? Know how to differentiate between vintage and vintage styled first before venturing further into the abyss.

Vintage vs. Vintage Styled – What Is the Difference?

First-time buyers can get confused between these two concepts. Aren’t both the same?

There is a lot of difference between a vintage engagement ring and a vintage styled ring.

This is the first question you should ask the seller, determining the originality of ring style. So, what is the difference between both jewelry concepts?

Vintage Engagement Rings – these come from a specific time period i.e. Edwardian Era, Victorian Era, Art Deco Period, and Retro Period.

Vintage Styled Engagement Rings – these rings feature modern materials and technology but are designed in an older style.

You may mistakenly buy vintage styled engagement rings because of certain similarities in design. You can easily spot an actual vintage engagement ring among the fakes with a little research and the following information.


One characteristic of vintage style engagement ring is that it must be made of white gold or platinum.

Another consideration which will make sure you buy a vintage engagement ring is diamond setting.

Features Prong and Shared Settings

Note diamond setting when shopping for a vintage engagement ring, either online or at a physical store. Vintage style often features prong or shared prong diamond settings.

2 diamonds are set next to each other, sharing two prongs instead of the usual 4. This allows more diamond to show which is why it’s a preferable setting.

Use of Pave and Micro-pave Settings

Designing pave settings is extremely labor intensive which is also why diamond rings featuring this setting are more expensive. The technique gives the illusion that ring band is paved with diamonds, enhancing its shine.

Micro-paving is a similar technique only even smaller diamonds are used in to setting, with the help of a microscope.

Keeping the above considerations about vintage style rings will ensure you know what features to ignore when shopping for an authentic vintage ring. Solitaire Jewelers can help in this regard. View our beautiful collection today!


Are You Ready To Propose to Your Love? Make It Special! November 26 2017, 0 Comments

Proposing to The One may seem like the easiest thing to you. After all, what’s so difficult in bending down on one knee and popping the question?

No doubt, your girlfriend of 5 years would agree to marry you even when you asked casually one fine day, with a beautiful diamond engagement ring in tow.


However, it’s the thought that counts… the thought of a lovely, well-planned and executed proposal that your soon-to-be fiancée can revel in pleasure.

Make it right by picking one of the following romantic proposal ideas.

Romantic and Unique Proposal Ideas She Will Love

Remember, you will narrate this story countless times in dinner and holiday parties so it has to be a perfect proposal. Who says you can’t combine unique and romantic ideas to create an amazing one?

Public Picture Proposal

There is a reason your girlfriend loves to watch chick-flick movies because of scenes where the hero proposes his undying love to the main girl in a public place! Take this romantic idea and make into your own…

Select a favorite place to visit either in your city, country or on vacation. You can even choose a place that has personal significance value to the two you – the bench of a local park, the restaurant booth where you had your first date or another such place.

Ask some nearby to take a picture of you together there… your girlfriend won’t see a proposal coming! Drop down on one knee and say those magical words with the camera’s first click.   

Skywriting against a Blue Sky

Does your girl like attention and has a flair for the dramatic?

If yes, this idea will work fantastically well! Skywriting is mostly used for advertising purposes but you can use it for proposing, which is romantic as well as creative.

However, planning this idea will take effort and some ingenious as this needs to be timed right. Ask your soon-to-be fiancée to meet you at the local park for a picnic date, set up everything and wait.


Your girlfriend will think it’s like any other date until you both spy a plane coming towards your area, writing will you marry me?

Don’t forget to include her name in the skywriting proposal.

Spell Out the Proposal in an Unexpected Place

Are you living together?

Planning a proposal will be easier especially if you want the occasion to be intimate and beautiful. This proposal idea doesn’t take much actual planning yet you must make sure your girlfriend discovers the proposal without any difficulty.

Before going to bed, write a proposal using alphabet refrigerator magnets on the fridge... ready to drop down on one knee when she discovers the arrangement.

You can also buy glow in the dark stickers and write on the bedroom ceiling. This will need some preparation in advance.   

Do you need to buy the right engagement ring that your soon-to-be fiancée will absolutely love? Solitaire Jewelers offers an extensive collection of beautiful diamond engagement rings. Choose one today!

Accessorizing 101 – Make Getting Ready Fun, Not Stressful! November 25 2017, 0 Comments

Accessorizing—an overwhelming task that constitutes picking the right jewelry pieces that go well with your outfit.

It needs to complement your attire, yet not clash it.

Is it a formal or casual outfit? Does your jewelry change accordingly? (Yes!).  

Will this necklace go with that dress?


Want to make this seemingly impossible task easier? Getting ready for work, college, or a date is more than just throwing a couple of jingling bracelets with your go-to earrings and string necklace!

Accessorizing is an art we will help you discover.  

Accessorizing According To Your Style of the Day Is Important

What is the overall feel you are going for with the chosen outfit?

Is it elegant, grunge, punk chick, or a classy look?

Each of these styles and personalities will require different types and style of jewelry to complement your look!

Accessorizing With Necklaces

General rule of thumb when it comes to wearing necklaces: this piece shouldn’t cross your shirts neckline.

This will enhance beauty of your collar bone, making it a centerpiece. This rule doesn’t apply for certain necklaces, like ones with super long chains or beads…  


Accessorizing With Earrings

This is the easiest part of accessorizing. It doesn’t even matter how many earring styles you have in your jewelry box, there’s a style for every occasion and outfit. However, you should also keep in mind your haircut or hair style for the day when deciding which earring to wear.

Generally, more hair equals to bulkier earrings that can be worn easily. Choosing to pair earrings with a necklace? Make sure both jewelry pieces complement with each other.

Consider bead (or metal work), style, and color when accessorizing with these pieces.  

Accessorizing With Bracelets

Bracelets can seem like an unnecessary jewelry piece yet you can complete your look with it too. Options for pairing an outfit with a bracelet are two, several skinny bracelets or a single large bracelet.

You can buy gold or platinum banded bracelets, bejeweled in semi-precious stones or diamonds, whatever you prefer.

Vintage styled bracelets have also become popular in recent years as well as estate jewelry pieces.    

Looking for more tips? Keep the following in mind next time you are buying vintage or diamond jewelry from Solitaire Jewelers.

  • Jewelry must be appropriate according to outfit and occasion
  • Each piece must be proportional to body frame and facial features
  • Each piece must add some value to entire outfit


Waking up in the morning for work or getting ready for a party won’t be dreadful after you follow the basics of accessorizing. Find beautiful priced jewelry pieces from Solitaire Jewelers to incorporate into your collection!



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