Here’s something you probably didn’t think of – not all diamond shapes will look good on her hand!

It’s true, the size of her hand is important. A ring that looks great in your mom’s hand may look awful in your bride-to-be’s hand. When it comes to rings, size matters!

Luckily for you, we’re here to help make the search for the perfect engagement ring a little easier with this quick guide.

Use the following to pick the best diamond shapes for the size of her hand:

An Intro To Diamond Shapes

There are 10 diamond shapes that you can pick from: round, cushion, princess, emerald, heart, Asscher, oval, radiant, marquise & pear.

Think of her lifestyle and her personality. Has she been raving about having a big showy wedding? Or is she the more practical type that spends wisely?

Would she want a ring that big, shiny and turns head or would she prefer one that’s more subtle?

If she wants something she can wear everyday that doesn’t grab too much attention then go for classic shapes with a solitaire.

In the case your bride-to-be enjoys opulence and drama go for halo or three-stone ring.

Best Shapes For Small Hands

 Best Shapes For Small Hands

Petite and small hands look best with smaller diamonds. An engagement ring with a large diamond may look impressive but its large size isn’t made for her delicate fingers. If your partner has small hands, go for diamonds that are as dainty as her.

  • Stone cuts in small round, oval, Asscher, marquise, pear and princess shapes will suit her best.
  • It’s also better to go for a minimalist band; look for either a thin or open band.

Best Diamond Shapes For Wider Fingers


If your girl’s got wide fingers, look for big, bolder ring shapes.

  • Go for fancy diamond ring shapes such as: oval, marquise, emerald & rectangle.
  • Fill up her wide-finger with a three-stone ring.
  • Asymmetrical designs and angular shapes keep things interesting on wide-fingers.
  • Opt for a medium to thick band.

Best Diamond Shapes For Piano Fingers

Best Diamond Shapes For Piano Fingers

Does your girl have long and slender fingers? You’re going to have to dig deep into your pockets and get her a large rock.

In order to keep things proportional, you’ll have to go for bigger and wider shapes.

  • Fancy, round, & large oval shapes look great on long fingers.
  • Bold designs with thick bands are your best options; you can even consider a ring with a double band to fill things up.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to buying her an engagement ring that she’s sure to love!

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