Online shopping has made life easy, no doubt. However, is there a limit to what people should or shouldn’t buy from online stores?


Where should the line be drawn in online shopping?


It will surprise you to know; online shoppers buy everything from clothes and shoes to music equipment and even their course books. Can you buy jewelry from an online store—diamond jewelry?




Here are some commandments when searching online for the perfect ring.

Trust Is Important Between a Diamond Jewelry Seller and Buyer


Trust is a feeling that doesn’t come naturally, especially when buying anything online. Conducting thorough research on the seller will help you give a general idea of operation. Find out:


  • How many years has the seller been in business?
  • What are the products the seller deals in?
  • Does the seller sell his own products or a third party’s?
  • What is the experience of previous buyers with the seller?
  • Can you contact the seller directly or through third party?

Return Policy – Is It Offered By The Online Jewelry Store?


Many online shoppers make the mistake of buying something without finding out details about the return policy offered by a store. This creates difficulty if they want to return the product due to any reason. Others provide detailed terms and conditions about returning an unwanted product, on their website.




It’s a good idea to read and understand this section before clicking on the ‘Buy’ button. You must know whether or not the seller in question will provide a full refund as per their return policy.

Condition, Authentication, and Certification – Complete Information Provided


How would you feel if you came across a beautiful diamond engagement ring on your online search, yet there was no description? Frustration is one way to put your feelings. A detailed written description of every product makes it easy for you to determine whether to buy a product or not. In addition to the detailed product description, seller should include:


  • Complete product measurements
  • Several images of product (from all sides)
  • Related products with images
  • Proof of certification (GIA, EGL, JBT)
  • Shipping details


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