Choosing Your Perfect Stone – Pear Shaped DiamondsApril 18 2017, 0 Comments

A stunning infusion of style and glamour, pear-shaped diamonds are not commonly found in ring settings—which is exactly what adds to its allure.

The U.S. consumer market is just beginning to consider pear shaped diamonds, for jewelry making especially for engagement rings. What makes pear shaped diamonds unique? Let’s find out:

Technical Characteristics of Pear Shaped Diamonds

Technical Characteristics of Pear Shaped DiamondsPart of the half rounds group of diamond shapes, pears are catalogued side by side with Hearts, Ovals, and Marquise. Shape-wise, this diamond resembles a tear drop, combining the specifications of round and marquise brilliant cut diamonds.

There are usually 58 facets on a pear shaped diamond, loosely based on a round brilliant. Additionally GIA certificates list tear drop or pear diamonds as Pear Brilliant or Pear-shaped Modified Brilliant (a variation of Pear Brilliant).    

Symmetry of Pear Shape

It largely depends on length-to-width ratio of the stone. Other considerations to think about are:

  • Wearers should look at 1.50 to 1.75 length to width ratio
  • Thin and long tear dropped diamonds are over 1.75 length to width
  • Short and wide tear drop shaped diamonds are less than 1.50 length to width

Why should you invest in this shape compared to other popular ones?

Pros of Investing In a Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

This shape has great aesthetic value for the ring wearer, whatever direction the stone is set and mounted. You’ll get to enjoy:

Two-Styled! Changes Based on Direction

Two-Styled! Changes Based on DirectionBased on what direction the stone is mounted, the pair’s point (tail) can face towards the wearer, resulting in a traditional shaped pear. You can also mount the diamond to point away from the wearer that results in a beautiful and delicate teardrop shape. This is how wearers of pear shaped diamond engagement rings get two styles in one ring setting.

Amazing Vintage-Inspired Designs

The pear shaped diamond cut first emerged in the 1900s. This style is going strong ever since, with wearers making use of more modern ring styles and designs.

However, you can still set a pear shaped diamond as a center stone in a vintage type ring setting.  

Has a Finger Slimming Effect

Although pear-shaped diamond rings are a good choice for all types of hands, the most benefit is derived by people with slightly meaty fingers. The diamond cut in any ring setting offers a hand and finger slimming effect. For example, a diamond engagement ring featuring an elongated pear diamond is ideal for a hand with wider fingers.

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