Glance at your wedding band or diamond engagement ring; what do you see? Is the metal surface riddled with scrapes and light scars? Are the prongs of the setting bent or loose?


The jewelry we wear every day is exposed to some of the worst mishandling during the day. Diamond engagement rings are banged, tugged, and twisted against unforgivable surfaces. We don’t even realize this wear and tear until it’s too late.




By too late we mean broken, bent or loose prongs as this is the most significant problem faced ring wearers. Loose prongs on your ring may not seem like a big issue; but it is common for diamonds to fall out . Here is what you can do to check if your ring’s setting is snug.

How-to Check: Loose Prongs


There are two popular methods of checking your ring for loose prongs or other obvious issues.


Tap the Ring

This is most commonly followed by jewelry repairers, as obvious as the method is. You must tap your ring lightly with a fingernail. You will hear a slight noise if the prong is loose. A rattling sound on the other hand means the diamond is moving around the setting and may possibly fall.       


Move the Diamond

A different approach is to physically feel around the setting with your fingernail, whether the prong is loose or not. Does the diamond have enough space to move? Can you twist the stone with your fingernail?


Take off your ring right away! The prong is definitely loose and further prodding and shaking will only loosen it more.    

Verdict Found – What Do You Do Now?


When it comes to expensive and sentimental diamond engagement rings, it’s always a good idea to visit professional jewelry repairers.


Safe Rather Than Sorry – How to Take Care Of Your Ring


You have every right to flaunt your beautiful diamond engagement ring! However, you need to keep certain things in mind…


Rough activities such as sports, hiking, etc., can be a great deal of fun. That being said, your ring can sustain damage if proper care isn’t taken prior to participating in that activity. Remember to remove your ring in order to prevent damage or accidental bumps.


There is only so much your ring can handle without showing severe signs of damage. Hand your loose pronged or broken diamond engagement ring to Solitaire Jewelers for professional repair!