There’s no denying that diamonds are expensive but that doesn’t mean they are unaffordable. Purchasing the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to leave you broke, provided you are smart about buying it.

When it comes to diamonds, the more educated you are, the more money you can save on your purchase.

Check these tips out for buying diamonds online:

1) Ignore inclusions

Diamonds are given a grade on the number of inclusions they have. Fewer inclusions mean better clarity and higher price.

Here’s the thing though, most incisions aren’t visible to the naked eye so even if they exist, it’s not going to take much away from the diamond. Opting for a diamond with incisions instead of a flawless diamond can save you thousands of dollars.

2) Buy less than a carat

Diamonds are priced according to carats. Instead of buying 1 carat diamonds, go for a weight just shy of a whole carat such as 0.97 or 0.98 carats. You’d be shocked at how much of a difference it makes in price.

3) Colorless doesn’t matter


Colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable because of how bright they sparkle therefore they are priced the highest too. But the difference between a colorless diamond and a nearly colorless diamond is negligible; in fact, it’s unnoticeable by the naked eye. Picking a nearly colorless diamond is a wiser choice when you’re on a strict budget.

4) Buy the right metal

The type of metal used in the jewelry impacts the price as well. White gold and palladium are more affordable compared to platinum bands.

5) Buy online

Buying diamonds online is much lighter on your wallet compared to buying diamonds in a retail store. The overhead costs of retail stores cause them to sell their products at a higher price. Online jewelry store do not have to deal with added costs allowing them to sell their jewelry at much affordable prices.

Before purchasing online, make sure you select a trustworthy store that provides GIA certifications for their diamond jewelry.

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