Choosing a gift for anyone is tough but when it comes to her, you really cannot go wrong with jewelry.

Here’s why jewelry makes the best present for her:

1) Comes in a large variety

First and foremost, jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and most importantly – prices. As a gift-giver, you want to be comfortable with how much you’re spending. Jewelry allows you to pick from a wide-range of prices. You can choose from funky fashion jewelry that she can wear frequently to classy fine jewelry that she wears on special occasions. Fashion jewelry is much more affordable. Fine jewelry is significantly more expensive but it too has a price range.

2) It always looks good

It’s hard to find a piece of jewelry that can be considered ugly. Generally, all jewelry has an allure to it, it is supposed to embellish outfits and add finesse to your look, so it does always look good.

Fine jewelry specifically has a beauty to it that cannot be matched by other gifts. Diamond jewelry will last her entire life – can you think of any other gifts that last that long?

3) Can be worn with everything

People are regularly given gifts that they forget about. As the person giving the gift, you like knowing that it is being appreciated and used. When you give her jewelry, she’ll probably wear it. If you’ve picked wisely and if it looks good with all her outfits, she’ll never take it off.

4) It shows off your relationship

Women love showing off their relationship. Watch the sparkle in her eyes when you show her some love in front of her friends. Get her a piece of jewelry that turns heads and notice how she enjoys telling everyone that you were the one who gifted it.

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