The best Christmas present for your mother, daughter, friend or wife comes in a delicate jewelry box, tied with a colorful ribbon and bow.

Jewelry—gold or otherwise—is the most beautiful, sentimental and long-lasting gift option.


Are you cringing at the thought visiting brick and mortar jewelry stores in your city, considering shopping malls and stores everywhere will be teeming with people doing their holiday shopping?

Make things easier by shopping for beautiful and affordable jewelry pieces online! Here’s how Solitaire Jewelers recommends buying jewelry online:

Compare Prices of Same Pieces on Different Online Stores

Making price comparisons is usually the first step taken towards finding that perfect jewelry item. It is also an important factor to consider when buying jewelry from online stores!

The internet provides an extensive resource of jewelry stores on your fingertips. It is a good idea to make a list of your favorite stores, select beautiful pieces and compare prices of the same items against other stores.

This will ensure you don’t spend more money on the jewelry than you can afford! Also make sure chosen online jewelry store also has a brick and mortar location.

Look at Photos of Displayed Jewelry Items

A picture is worth a thousand words so imagine how much worth will be a good picture? Online jewelry listings usually feature photos of an item in question. Take the time to inspect each photograph closely! All jewelry listings should have clear photos that represent all angles.

Not satisfied or impressed with photographic representations found in a listing or jewelry catalogue? Contact the seller and request additional images for a piece. Stay clear away with listings that don’t show any photos at all!     

Look at the Store’s Refund Policy

More or less, every online store features a refund policy in case buyers don’t like their purchases and want to return items. A good refund policy means the online store cares about its customers and offers good support and service as well.

Walk through the refund policy of selected jewelers. Keep in mind; gold pieces have a lesser refund period compared to other items.

How Much Does the Store Charge for Shipping

Shipping charges are usually tacked at the time of purchase by online stores, each one offering a different shipping charge. Before pressing on, educate yourself over the offered shipping charges. Figure out how much are you alright with paying as shipping for the ordered item.

Many online jewelers offer free shipping, including Solitaire Jewelers.

All Correct Information Should Be Provided

Want to know what will alleviate your fears when buying a diamond engagement ring from an online jewelry store? A detailed written description, pointing towards the many good points of an item as well as the flaws will make the buying process easier.

Any gemstones affixed to the piece should be identified. All descriptions need to be backed up by independent grading reports and appraisals.  

Perform your due diligence by carrying out extensive research on different jewelry pieces. Review all GIA reports and paperwork that accompanies the piece of jewelry.  

Make this sometimes-difficult task easier by visiting a single online jewelry store that offers good delivery, shipping as well as an extensive catalogue in reasonable rates.