Heirloom engagement rings carry a little more weight than a ring that was picked off the shelf for a few reasons. They have more sentimental value compared to a ring that was bought from the showroom. By proposing with a ring that has been passed on from generation to generation you’re letting your loved one know how eagerly you want her to be a part of your family.

With that being said, proposing with an heirloom engagement ring isn’t as simple. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Ask your family about the heirloom

The thing about heirlooms is that they belong to someone else; you’re going to be asking someone to give up their jewelry in order to propose to your partner. Politely ask the current owner of the heirloom if they are willing to give you their ring.

If you’re one of those lucky individuals who have the option of picking from multiple rings, choose the ring that has been in the family for a while – a ring with history.

Know the story behind the ring

engagement ring

 To make your proposal more meaningful, make a point to learn the back-story of the ring. How did the ring come into the family? Heirlooms usually come with exciting stories that make them that much more special.

Don’t pressure family members

It’s sweet that you want to propose with a family heirloom, however, if you’re hurting another family member in the process, it’s just not worth it. Ask for the ring politely and understand that giving up a family heirloom isn’t easy.

Give your family some time to come around but if they seem resistant, do not force them; pick a ring from our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings instead!

Ask if you can modify the ring

Family heirlooms can look outdated so you may want to make changes to them. Before you send the heirloom to the jewelers for customization, remember to ask your family members for permission. Don’t just assume that you’re allowed to alter a precious family jewel.

Have the ring cleaned and polished by professionals

An heirloom that has been around for decades (possibly centuries) is likely to become worn out. Do not propose without having the ring cleaned and polished. With some professional buffing, the ring can return to its former glory.

Solitaire Jewelers can help you enhance your heirloom engagement ring with our customization services. If your heirloom doesn’t have a diamond stone, you can purchase one of our loose diamonds and we’ll set it on the ring for you!