Are you an incurable romantic searching for a unique, yet traditional, diamond engagement ring? Here’s the thing; it’s the cut of the diamond that makes it dazzle. As such, the marquise diamond should be your first choice.




Also known as boat-shaped, football-shaped, eye-shaped or the slightly more appealing navette, marquise cut diamonds are as rare as the stone itself. Compared to other less vintage diamond cuts, it’s also the most popular!


However, know what you’re getting into when buying a marquise cut diamond engagement ring…

All about the Marquise


This diamond cut has been around for many years and is perfect for people who prefer vintage styled jewelry. The diamond cut features 56 facets and an elliptical shape with narrow, pointed ends.

Marquise Diamond Buying Guide


  • Watch Out For Chipped Diamonds


Picking the right jewelry setting for a marquise cut diamond is very important. If not protected by the setting, sharp and pointed ends of the stone can chip off. Setting this diamond cut in an engagement ring? The setting must feature protected prongs or claws, keeping corners safe. The most secure ring settings are V-end or V-tip prongs.


  • Is Your Diamond Perfectly Symmetrical?


Symmetry plays an important role in choosing the right marquise cut diamond. A perfectly balanced ring setting will feature perfect alignment of both points at the end of the stone. Even the smallest imperfection will make final ring setting difficult.


  • Keep a Lookout For The Bow Tie Effect


Sometimes, a marquise cut diamond will feature an area of reduced color right in the center of the gem. This effect often resembles a bow tie and occurs due to the narrow shape of the marquise diamond. While all fancy and elongated diamond shapes showcase a bow tie effect, a well cut marquise diamond will hide it.


  • Search For The Best Diamond Grade

Most inclusions and color tints can be effectively hidden with this fancy cut. However, it’s still a good idea to search for a marquise diamond within the following diamond grades:


Color – D to I (on GIA color scale)

Clarity – Flawless to VS2 (on GIA clarity scale)


Marquise diamonds are perfect in every manner, no doubt about it. Couples with a tight budget can find a beautiful and unique marquise diamond engagement ring, in a more affordable price.


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