Spring is almost over. Summer is here in full swing! This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the bounties of spring.


What color reminds the most of this wonderful season? Iridescent and beautiful to look at – an emerald ring is the jewelry of this season.


From Inca emperors to Egyptian pharaohs – no other gemstone has managed to capture such undivided attention as emeralds have and continue even today.


Yet buying emerald and gold jewelry isn’t the same as buying diamonds.


Take help from the following guide on how-to buy the perfect emerald and gold jewelry, without getting ripped off:

Look At Emerald Color


Emeralds are known for their green color, most come with faint bluish and yellowish lines crisscrossed on the stone. Additionally, there are two color characteristics that should be considered when choosing an emerald. There are:


  • Intensity
  • Darkness


Intensity of the Color

This refers to the color saturation level of an emerald. First time emerald jewelry buyers can get confused as this gemstone has many different levels of color saturation. Some stones may showcase a more or slightly less dull look while others are more intense and vivid.  


Darkness of the Color

This color characteristic describes tone of the color green that can be seen in the gemstone. This can vary from one extreme to another, i.e. a light green to very dark color. 

Look At Emerald Clarity


In colored stones like emerald, clarity and transparency are closely linked and should be considered side by side when choosing a gemstone. It’s true – even high quality emeralds may have some inclusions visible to the naked eye. This doesn’t mean value of the stone is less.


When evaluating an emerald, look at the number, size and visibility of flaws. A gemstone that doesn’t feature any inclusions or visible flaws was likely designed in a lab and is a fake emerald.


On the other hand, too many inclusions of a certain nature can have a negative effect on emerald clarity and transparency. This can also reduce gemstone value.  

Look At Emerald Jewelry Setting


Jewelry setting is very important. Choosing the right one can make all the difference between a valuable emerald and gold ring and a de-valued piece of jewelry.


Additionally, the emerald mounting you choose will determine level of surface exposure of the ring to occasional bumps. Solitaire Jewelers recommend setting your emerald in a bezel or V-prong setting for the best protection.


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