Diamond ring, wear it on your hand. It’s going to tell the world I am your only man” – Bon Jovi


Look up songs about love, romance literature and everything in between; it talks of one common thing: eternity. Infinity. Exclusivity.

There’s a reason why we choose a diamond ring to profess our love. It’s because that gorgeous stone encompasses eternity: a diamond is forever.

In this piece, we’re talking about stunning—yet affordable—diamond stone shapes that spell forever.

Find Affordable and Beautiful Diamond Shapes

It takes a few factors to consider before the right diamond engagement ring is in your grasp. You can consider the 4 Cs when selecting the best of the best yet it won’t ensure your choice is affordable and under the budget.

Are you looking to buy a diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank? Following are some affordable diamond shapes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Even though pear-shaped diamonds are considered the fourth most expensive in the diamond industry, comparably this shape is less expensive than the round diamond. Buyers can expect to make savings of close to $1,500 or even more when buying this beautifully unique diamond shape!


Shaped like a delicate teardrop, this shape is stunning in its simplicity as loud in character.

Princess Shaped Diamond Ring

After the round brilliant diamond, the princess-cut is the most popular diamond shape. Does this accolade make the diamond unreachable and expensive for the common man?


On the contrary, the princess cut diamond is far more affordable than round diamonds! How is this possible? A round diamond retains only 50% of the rough diamond when cut precisely whereas a princess cut diamond can retail up to 80%!

Diamond cutters don’t have to put so much effort in preparing a princess cut diamond hence the incredible affordability…

Marquise and Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

Yes, both are considered fancy shapes and probably closest in price to the round brilliant. Yet, considering all things the marquise and oval diamond shapes are $1,000 cheaper compared to a round diamond of the same quality and shape!


It’s difficult to know and find affordable diamond engagement rings that are also really beautiful, unless buyers know at least a little bit about diamond shapes. Don’t have a preference? Do give these shapes a chance at spreading happiness and tears of joy!

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