What do you think is the most difficult part when planning a proposal?

Asking your loved one to marry you is definitely high up on the list. Then there’s planning the entire affair—it needs to be perfect! 

However, selecting the engagement ring that you will slide on her finger is the most difficult part!

Who knew guys would need all the help they could receive in both matters but following is a helpful guide on how to select a beautiful engagement ring:

First Things First: Decide on a Budget

It’s the thought that counts, right? Yet, there’s no denying she’ll want something big and sparkly.

So, how do you find a ring that has the sparkle, size and one that falls within your budget? Your budget for the shopping excursion plays an important role in determining which ring is right for making a proposal with.

Make sure to decide on a budget early on, whether shopping alone or with her for the ring! This will let you know of all available options regarding ring designs and center stone characteristics.

You can also find a smaller diamond that is more aesthetically pleasing (and valuable) than a bigger one, scarred with cracks and other deformities.

Finding the Right Ring Style is Important

Don’t force your preferred ring style on your partner! Remember, she has probably been thinking of this moment all her life so choosing the wrong ring style can ruin it slightly.

You don’t know her jewelry style and have little idea of diamond engagement rings in general.  Take a cursory glance at her jewelry box and find out common elements. Look at what she is wearing and think about her jewelry style when at work and elsewhere.

Pay attention to what catches her eye next time you pass a jewelry store! Even better, just visit one with her for some window shopping.     

Pay Attention to the Ring Setting

Unlike diamond ring style, choosing the perfect setting is important. It allows the diamond to sparkle to their greatest effect!

Choosing the right diamond engagement ring’s setting will also reflect her personal style in a better manner.

There are many ring settings to choose from but the diva of engagement rings stands apart from all the rest. Featuring a single diamond set in a mount, the solitaire setting is an example of classic elegance at its most beautiful.

Want a bit of sparkle and oomph? Choose a halo ring setting which features smaller full-cut diamonds surrounding a bigger diamond in the centre.

Finding the right ring isn’t hard work considering Solitaire Jewelers is here to help every step of the way. Don’t have time to make a list of stores and visit them individually? Come to us, armed with the largest selection of diamond engagement rings!