Creative Ideas For Custom Engagement RingsMay 14 2018, 0 Comments

The perfect engagement ring isn’t just any beautiful diamond ring; you’re very rarely going to come across a diamond ring that you do not like. The perfect engagement ring is one that matches her taste in jewelry, which truly embodies your relationship and brings a smile on your face.

Designing a custom engagement ring gives you room to be creative and craft something that is unique and more meaningful.

Check out these creative ideas for custom engagement rings:

1) Add A Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones

 Most diamonds used in engagement rings happen to be colorless – it really is the safest choice. Going for a colored diamond makes the ring stand out amongst the rest but because they are so rare, they are also more expensive. Luckily for us, there are other colored gemstones such as sapphire, emerald and rubies the can be added on to a diamond ring to enhance its beauty.

By adding a colored gemstone, your ring instantly looks different to the majority of diamond engagement rings in the market.

2) Get Inspired By Vintage Designs

Vintage Designs

 If your partner appreciates vintage jewelry, take a look at some vintage designs and ask your artisans how they can be incorporated into your ring. Modern engagement rings are based on the latest trends so there is very little difference between them. Vintage jewelry designs had intricate details that add a more feminine touch to modern-day jewelry.

3) Go For A Unique Shape

Most engagement rings come in conventional round and square shapes. Do some research and speak to your artisan about what other shapes can you go for. Heart diamond shapes and tear-drop shapes are less prominent and can make your ring look more exclusive.

4) Use A Rare Setting

Use A Rare Setting

 IF you want to avoid playing with the actual diamond, you can always play with the design around it. The setting of the ring lets you get really creative. You can add twists and turns to the ring that make it look like no other ring in the market – all you need is a trusted artisan that knows his job!

Solitaire Jeweler gives customers the option for custom designing their engagement rings with the help of our experienced artisans.  With us, personalizing your engagement ring is simple. Visit us at showroom in Honolulu, Hawaii and use our visual tools to guide you through the design process. Once you’ve gone through all the steps, you can have your customized engagement ring in a matter of days! Yes, it’s that easy!

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