As much as we’d like to make a style statement whenever we can, there are certain times where its best to go the traditional route – wedding jewelry is one of them. When it comes to wedding jewelry is best to keep things conventional.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when picking wedding jewelry:

1) Keep It Minimal

Keep It Minimal

 Avoid going overboard with your jewelry; it’s very easy for jewelry to outshine you and your dress. On your wedding day, the dress needs to be the focus so stick to the delicate jewelry as opposed to chunky pieces.

2) Match Your Metals

Any metal you choose to wear will have some sort of shine and the last thing you want is to distract people with different colors.

When picking jewelry think of the color of your engagement ring (which is usually moved to the third finger on the wedding day) and any colors you may have on your dress.

  • If you’re wearing a pure white wedding dress then go with silver or platinum jewelry that doesn’t take away from the brightness of the dress.
  • Gold jewelry perfectly complements ivory wedding dresses beautifully. It does the same for champagne color dresses.
  • For gowns with a tinge of pink, opt for rose gold jewelry that matches with the light blush of the dress.

3) Look At The Neckline Of The Dress

Neckline Of The Dress

 The neckline of your dress frames your face, any necklace you choose to wear should help it do the same.

  • For sweetheart or strapless necklines:

The idea is to guide all eyes to your face so wear a short diamond white-gold necklace or a fitted choker. You can also choose to skip the necklace altogether and just wear dangling earrings.

  • For halters or reverse halters:

Halter and reverse halter necklines should be left on their own – don’t attempt to wear a necklace with them. Do up your hair and wear a pair of solitaires or pearls.

  • For V-necks:

V-necks draw your eyes to the chest so you can embellish them with a small pendant.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember to keep it at a minimal and opt for traditional, feminine designs.

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