Prince Harry’s engagement ring was that much more special because he’d put that extra thought into it. Unlike his brother, he chose to add a personal touch to his ring. He added value to the ring by giving tribute to his mother by adding gemstones from her collection. The biggest gemstone on the ring is from Botswana, where the prince often takes his wife-to-be.

To someone who doesn’t know the symbolism behind the gemstones the ring may look like any other diamond ring but to the royal couple, there is more to the ring than meets the eye.

This personal touch is what you should be trying to achieve by designing a custom engagement ring. 

Check out these tips on designing a custom engagement ring:

1) Work With A Trusted Jeweler

Trusted Jeweler

 When designing a custom engagement ring, you’ll need to choose and purchase all the various components involved in the creation of the ring. This includes, the diamond gemstone(s), any other gemstones that the ring may have and the wedding band. The gemstones will have to cut and set according to your design, if the gems are damaged in the process, the ring can end up costing you more than it needs to so make sure you’re working with a reliable and experienced jeweler who knows the craft well and doesn’t cost you extra.

2) Start A Month Or Two Earlier

In case of unforeseen circumstances, start designing your ring at least a month or two before the proposal. It’s very common for designs to be revised a couple of times or so before the final piece is created.

3) Know Your Diamond

 Purchasing a diamond isn’t easy business. There is some strategy involved and if you study the 4Cs carefully, you could reduce the cost of your diamonds by a couple of thousands of dollars. Spend some time understanding the 4Cs and how they impact the price of the piece you’re trying to develop.

4) Experiment With Ring Settings

Experiment With Ring Settings

 You may not have the biggest or most expensive diamonds but you can still design a beautiful engagement ring with your loved one. The setting of an engagement ring has a major impact on how a ring looks. Scan the internet for ring settings that you like and show ask your jeweler to replicate them.

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