Trends come and go but there are certain jewelry pieces that will never go out of style. They may look simple but they exude pure elegance, making them must-have jewelry pieces for all ladies.

Check out these classic jewelry pieces that will always be around.

1) Pearls

From the days of Audrey Hepburn to today, pearls will remain a timeless piece of jewelry that will be around forever. They may be simple and may not sparkle as bright as a diamond but pearls will always be thought of as some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry. They are one of those rare pieces of jewelry that can be worn for formal occasions and are appropriate for the workplace too.

They add finesse to all kinds of outfits whether it’s a pencil skirt and blouse for the office or a dress for a date.

2) Diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings didn’t always have a diamond but thanks to a successful ad campaign by De Beers and many other companies that followed in its footsteps, it’s been ingrained into our brains that engagement rings must have a decorated diamond as its centerpiece.

Very rarely will a bride-to-be settle for engagement ring that isn’t diamond. You can expect engagement rings to remain synonymous with diamonds.


3) Solitaire earrings

Diamonds aren’t ever going to go out of style so there’s no way solitaire earrings will become less appealing overtime either. High-quality solitaire earrings are simplistic in their design yet they are stunning; their beauty lies in their sparkle. You can be wearing the dullest outfit but your solitaires will shine across the room!


4) Bracelet watches

Bracelets don’t really have trends. Regardless of their styles they always make fashionable accessories.  The same applies to bracelet watches; certain styles of watches may become outdated but it’s highly unlikely that a bracelet watch ever looks too old-fashioned.

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