Proposals in chick flicks are always romantic— they also happen to be very creative. While not everyone can book a stadium and invite Lana Del Rey to sing their partner’s favorite song (like Kanye did for Kim), they can do a little better than dropping a ring in a champagne glass.

Take a look at these cute and creative ways to give an engagement ring:

Use chocolates

So much can go wrong with attempting to plant an engagement ring into a piece of chocolate which is why it’s best to skip that idea.

What you can do instead is to buy your loved one some gourmet chocolates; the kind where each chocolate sits in its own space. Simply remove one chocolate and replace it with the ring. Remember to make the box of chocolate look extra special.

If you’re worried about her not seeing the ring right away, try tying a beautiful ribbon around it or placing a small card with it.

Set up a scavenger hunt

Have some fun and set up a scavenger hunt for your bride-to-be. To get a bigger reaction out of her, try and direct her into thinking the final prize is something else. Once she reaches the last destination and finds a beautiful diamond engagement ring there instead, she’ll surely shed a few tears of joy.

Draw a bath for her

Do this on a day when you know she won’t say no to a nice hot bath. Draw a bath with her favorite oils. Go all out and put on some romantic music, throw in some rose petals into the tub and light the bath up with floating candles.

Remove one of the candles from its holder and replace it with the ring, if she doesn’t spot it right away, it will definitely float around her at some point. Just keep an eye on her in case she accidentally topples it over or completely misses it. You can always float the ring over to her yourself.

A walk on the beach

diamond engagement ring

 Take her on the walk on a beach and show some interest in the shells lying around the ground. Plant the ring in a faux shell and point it out to her. Let her pick it up and find the ring herself.

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