Everyone has high expectations from an engagement ring.

It has to be the right cut, color, and carat to make a mark. Finding the right engagement ring for your partner is a job that requires all your attention and dedication.

We’ve compiled this list of engagement ring dos and don’ts so that you don’t make a mistake while choosing one of the most memorable jewelry pieces to pop the question.

Dig in to know the secrets to buying THE perfect engagement ring!

Do: Note the Ring Size

The moment you are sure that she is ‘the one’, is when you start thinking about proposing. If you want to keep your proposal a surprise, ask your partners’ friends and family members (who can keep a secret) about the size of her ring finger. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a ring that doesn’t fit!

Don’t: Go on Ring Hunting on a Whim

It pays to do your research and plan your ring hunting trip accordingly. Just getting up and deciding that you have to buy a ring usually doesn’t end up well. Find out what kind of ring and diamond shape she likes and decide on a budget that would make you comfortable while making an impression. Only then make the trip down to a jewelry store. Think about the diamond shape? Round? Cushion? How about the ring? A halo style or a simple solitaire? And what about the metal? Yellow gold, white gold or platinum? It is a great idea to see all the different ring styles and diamond shapes with the help of a jeweler to help you make the right decision.

Do: Ask Her Preferences

Everyone has a certain image of their would-be engagement ring in mind. You can either ask your beau about her jewelry preferences, or contact one of her close friends to know what she likes when it comes to an engagement ring. After all she would be the one wearing it 24/7, so it’s only fair that it be according to her liking.

Don’t: Go All In

Yes, engagement rings are an important aspect of a wedding, but you don’t have to put in all your resources in finding one. Determine a budget or the amount you would like to spend on the diamond and the ring. Make it comfortable and realistic, you have yet to plan a wedding, honeymoon, and a future together, and if you are spending too much on a ring which can make you go broke in the future, refrain from doing so. Share your budget with your trusted Jeweler; he / she will be able to maximize the value of your ring within you budget.

Know that there are plenty of rings available in your budget, so you don’t have to break the bank for it!

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