Vintage jewelry has an aura of timeless charm about it that is hard to resist. While contemporary jewelry has a fine allure of its own, it still lacks the eye-catching appeal of estate pieces. That’s not all! There’s a lot more happening in favor of this jewelry form that makes them fantastic accessories to own.

If you are looking for reasons to invest in estate jewelry, we present you with 5!

The Value

With estate jewelry, it’s all about the value! High quality craftsmanship, elaborate designs hand-finished to perfection, and rare gemstones - all of this adds up to good value. However, when you go out to purchase these antique pieces, you end up paying far less than you would pay for a comparable modern day article. Every dollar you spend on an estate jewelry piece is backed by serious value.

They are Versatile

Best thing about vintage pieces? You can wear them absolutely anywhere at all. They may not look like it at first glance, but they are very versatile.

You could adorn an expensive piece with ornate detailing out in broad daylight, and it wouldn’t look out of place. Pair them with a chic, flowy gown or wear it with casual, laidback attire – these pieces work with all!

The Uniqueness

Most of the estate pieces were hand-crafted and finished by skilled craftsmen which makes them each distinct in their own way. Interesting settings and exceptional designs make them a statement on their own.

They are Inimitable

The modern era is all about mass production – it is rare to find a contemporary piece of jewelry that boasts hand-finishing. Antique jewelry with their elaborate designs are masterpieces of expert workmanship – an art that is rare these days.

Not just that, some of these pieces carry stones and gems that are too scarce to be found in the modern day ornaments.

The Investment Perspective

For most modern jewelry, their worth is associated to its break-up value. The break-up value is based on the type of precious metal, and the quality of gems used in the jewelry article. However, the same is not applied for antique jewelry. For estate pieces, the resale value is greater than the worth of its materials. So, when you go to a jewelry store to sell it off, you usually walk out with a premium over what you initially paid for it. Moreover, these pieces appreciate in value over time, if they are kept in good condition.

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