Estate jewelry is also known as antique jewelry.

These are collectable jewels that most of us have strong emotional bond with, because they are older and have family links.

Many people are diehard estate jewelry collectors, indulging in a huge collection of antique jewelry of different eras from all over the world.

In this blog, we talk about why you should have at least a piece or two of estate jewelry in your jewelry box to show off from time to time. Read on to find out the reasons!

The Antique Glamour

Antique jewelry comes from different eras and regions, whether it is an elaborate piece or a simple clean line design there is a story to it. For example Art-deco pieces are more elaborately designed and detailed, with magnificent cut out designs, milgrain work and in-crusted with beautiful diamonds and gemstones. Retro pieces, on the other hand, are more of geometric designs and clean lines. Whatever your style is, you are sure to find an estate piece that works for you, an everyday piece or a beautiful ornate one that you wear for real special occasions. An antique Neck piece can transform you from the girl next door to a princess of a bygone time and age.

Statement Jewelry

You can wear estate jewelry as statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is the kind that turns heads. They are big and flashy, some of which may cost a fortune to buy.

As estate jewelry is something that you can wear to masquerades and formal events. Also, you wouldn’t have to spend a dime if it was passed on to you by a family member.

Emotional Attachment

Estate jewelry is previously owned jewelry. Mostly, people choose not to sell their family heirlooms until they have no use for it anymore.

If you are an heir to an antique cuff which originally belonged to your grandmother, you are naturally going to have an emotional attachment to the piece.

It Sells out Well

Estate jewelry is in high demand these days. So if you have a piece that you can’t relate to, or is not in line with your style, you can sell it out to a reputable jewelry store and earn a fortune for it!

Make sure that you get a price estimate from various jewelers before selling them so that you make a well-researched transaction.

At Solitaire Jewelers, we buy and sell estate jewelry. We have a vast variety of estate jewelry to choose from. Whether it is a ring, or a pendant, we have it all. In addition to that, we also hold regular auctions for selling fine jewelry and watches.