How would you like to wear a ring that is a complete reflection of who you are? In the past, this may have felt like a dream, but with almost all modern-day jewelry stores providing customization services to their customers, this dream can very much turn into a reality! Let’s face it – customization is fun; but when it comes to customizing jewelry; especially your wedding ring, the process might drag along a bit.

Follow these simple tips to get it right the first time – and definitely cut down on the unnecessary time lag too!

Kick it Off Early!

Customizing your ring will take longer than you think especially if you are looking to create something extremely unique. You will need plenty of time to work out your design and finalize it; you need to find the jewelry store that will be willing to craft the design for you within your budget, and you need to give them ample time to ensure they smoothly complete the process and create the perfect ring. So start early!

Find Inspiration

Have a description of a ring in your favorite novel? Or is it one that you couldn’t take your eyes off in a movie you recently watched? Fantasy, heirlooms, fandoms, places, nature - anything that you love; something that is a dear part of your life can be your inspiration. The designers at Solitaire Jewelers work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Don’t forget to breeze through different magazines, or imagery that may give you a decent idea of what you are looking for.

Like An Existing Piece? Get That Modified To Your Liking!

Take a look at our diamond engagement rings and wedding rings collection to see if you find something you’re looking for. Existing rings can be replicated with your preferred alterations to match your taste. A change of stone, or an added layer of diamonds – feel free to get creative.

Have You Approached the Right Jewelry Store?

To have your design made to perfection, it is imperative that you pick a jewelry store that is up for the task! Check out previous client testimonials, or independent reviews to know about the business, and their reliability. Also try to find out if the store subcontracts the customization job to third parties, or have in-house craftsmen to address the task. Having in-house experts will allow you greater control over your costs and designs.

Get a Quote

Already have an idea of what you want? Allow us, at Solitaire Jewelers to make it a reality for you! Call us at 1-808-955-3333 to get a quote; or visit our jewelry store in Honolulu, Hawaii for the ultimate customization experience.