Engagement rings are a token of the commitment and love shared by a couple. At Solitaire Jewelers, wechannel our energy towards designing rings that depict individual personality and style, in additionto helping couples decide on rings that represent their dedication to each other. 2016 has brought a fresh set of trends for engagement rings. Here are the ones topping the popularity charts this year.

Inspired By Nature

Delicate, naturalistic designs, incorporating buds, vines, and leaves are trending for 2016. This particular ring setting style has found widespread popularity with people who have an outdoorsy, nature-loving element to their personalities. Chic and elegant, these wispy designs are absolute stunners.

Add Some Color          

Diamonds still remain the most sought after gemstone choice for engagement rings, but there is a growing trend for colored gemstones like colored diamonds, sapphires, Rubies and emerald. These bold gemstones are a great way to express individuality, and add a unique appeal to the ring itself. Deep blue sapphires, yellow diamonds, vibrant Rubies and lustrous emeralds are definitely instant attention grabbers.

Baguette Accent Diamonds

Looking for elegant beauty? Get a baguette accent diamond ring. With its stepped façade and rectangular shape – the ring appears naturally beautiful. This particular accent is back on the popularity chart after being eclipsed by the pavé accent diamonds for a very long time. If you want something that is unique – the baguette accent diamond does it for you!

Non-Traditional Shapes for Gemstones

Yes, the conventional round cut diamonds still remain the most popular shape for gemstones; but couples are now also opting for distinguished fancy shapes. The oval cut, the square cushion cut, the drop, and other fancy shapes make an elegant centerstone for an unconventional engagement ring.

The Scalloped Pavé

The channel set, and straight pave is being quickly replaced by the scalloped of French pave, as more and more couples look for a minimized visibility of precious metal on the ring. If you want something glam and glittery, gravitate for diamonds set in scalloped pave along the band. They look like floating diamonds, and add just the right amount of sparkle you are looking for.

Keep it Delicate

Petite, thin bands never go out of style. These classics are equally popular for both engagement and wedding rings. Featuring accent diamonds, or colored gemstones for the much needed pop of shimmer or color, these wedding rings make an absolute symbol of everlasting love.

So which engagement ring would you pick? Take a look at our online collection of diamond engagement rings, or visit our jewelry store in Hawaii for more options. Looking for something unique? Get it customized!