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5 Tips for Buying Jewelry Online March 23 2018, 0 Comments

The best Christmas present for your mother, daughter, friend or wife comes in a delicate jewelry box, tied with a colorful ribbon and bow.

Jewelry—gold or otherwise—is the most beautiful, sentimental and long-lasting gift option.


Are you cringing at the thought visiting brick and mortar jewelry stores in your city, considering shopping malls and stores everywhere will be teeming with people doing their holiday shopping?

Make things easier by shopping for beautiful and affordable jewelry pieces online! Here’s how Solitaire Jewelers recommends buying jewelry online:

Compare Prices of Same Pieces on Different Online Stores

Making price comparisons is usually the first step taken towards finding that perfect jewelry item. It is also an important factor to consider when buying jewelry from online stores!

The internet provides an extensive resource of jewelry stores on your fingertips. It is a good idea to make a list of your favorite stores, select beautiful pieces and compare prices of the same items against other stores.

This will ensure you don’t spend more money on the jewelry than you can afford! Also make sure chosen online jewelry store also has a brick and mortar location.

Look at Photos of Displayed Jewelry Items

A picture is worth a thousand words so imagine how much worth will be a good picture? Online jewelry listings usually feature photos of an item in question. Take the time to inspect each photograph closely! All jewelry listings should have clear photos that represent all angles.

Not satisfied or impressed with photographic representations found in a listing or jewelry catalogue? Contact the seller and request additional images for a piece. Stay clear away with listings that don’t show any photos at all!     

Look at the Store’s Refund Policy

More or less, every online store features a refund policy in case buyers don’t like their purchases and want to return items. A good refund policy means the online store cares about its customers and offers good support and service as well.

Walk through the refund policy of selected jewelers. Keep in mind; gold pieces have a lesser refund period compared to other items.

How Much Does the Store Charge for Shipping

Shipping charges are usually tacked at the time of purchase by online stores, each one offering a different shipping charge. Before pressing on, educate yourself over the offered shipping charges. Figure out how much are you alright with paying as shipping for the ordered item.

Many online jewelers offer free shipping, including Solitaire Jewelers.

All Correct Information Should Be Provided

Want to know what will alleviate your fears when buying a diamond engagement ring from an online jewelry store? A detailed written description, pointing towards the many good points of an item as well as the flaws will make the buying process easier.

Any gemstones affixed to the piece should be identified. All descriptions need to be backed up by independent grading reports and appraisals.  

Perform your due diligence by carrying out extensive research on different jewelry pieces. Review all GIA reports and paperwork that accompanies the piece of jewelry.  

Make this sometimes-difficult task easier by visiting a single online jewelry store that offers good delivery, shipping as well as an extensive catalogue in reasonable rates.

Tips For Buying A Diamond Ring On A Budget March 22 2018, 0 Comments

There’s no denying that diamonds are expensive but that doesn’t mean they are unaffordable. Purchasing the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to leave you broke, provided you are smart about buying it.

When it comes to diamonds, the more educated you are, the more money you can save on your purchase.

Check these tips out for buying diamonds online:

1) Ignore inclusions

Diamonds are given a grade on the number of inclusions they have. Fewer inclusions mean better clarity and higher price.

Here’s the thing though, most incisions aren’t visible to the naked eye so even if they exist, it’s not going to take much away from the diamond. Opting for a diamond with incisions instead of a flawless diamond can save you thousands of dollars.

2) Buy less than a carat

Diamonds are priced according to carats. Instead of buying 1 carat diamonds, go for a weight just shy of a whole carat such as 0.97 or 0.98 carats. You’d be shocked at how much of a difference it makes in price.

3) Colorless doesn’t matter


Colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable because of how bright they sparkle therefore they are priced the highest too. But the difference between a colorless diamond and a nearly colorless diamond is negligible; in fact, it’s unnoticeable by the naked eye. Picking a nearly colorless diamond is a wiser choice when you’re on a strict budget.

4) Buy the right metal

The type of metal used in the jewelry impacts the price as well. White gold and palladium are more affordable compared to platinum bands.

5) Buy online

Buying diamonds online is much lighter on your wallet compared to buying diamonds in a retail store. The overhead costs of retail stores cause them to sell their products at a higher price. Online jewelry store do not have to deal with added costs allowing them to sell their jewelry at much affordable prices.

Before purchasing online, make sure you select a trustworthy store that provides GIA certifications for their diamond jewelry.

All our diamond jewelry is backed by GIA certifications to prove authenticity and quality. Our team consists of highly-qualified jewelers who will be happy to help you with your purchase.  
You can scan through our jewelry collection online or visit us in our store at Honolulu, Hawaii.

Feel free to call us at 1-808-955-3333 for any queries you may have.

Can’t Go Wrong With Jewelry – Why Jewelry Makes the Best Present for Her March 21 2018, 0 Comments

Choosing a gift for anyone is tough but when it comes to her, you really cannot go wrong with jewelry.

Here’s why jewelry makes the best present for her:

1) Comes in a large variety

First and foremost, jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and most importantly – prices. As a gift-giver, you want to be comfortable with how much you’re spending. Jewelry allows you to pick from a wide-range of prices. You can choose from funky fashion jewelry that she can wear frequently to classy fine jewelry that she wears on special occasions. Fashion jewelry is much more affordable. Fine jewelry is significantly more expensive but it too has a price range.

2) It always looks good

It’s hard to find a piece of jewelry that can be considered ugly. Generally, all jewelry has an allure to it, it is supposed to embellish outfits and add finesse to your look, so it does always look good.

Fine jewelry specifically has a beauty to it that cannot be matched by other gifts. Diamond jewelry will last her entire life – can you think of any other gifts that last that long?

3) Can be worn with everything

People are regularly given gifts that they forget about. As the person giving the gift, you like knowing that it is being appreciated and used. When you give her jewelry, she’ll probably wear it. If you’ve picked wisely and if it looks good with all her outfits, she’ll never take it off.

4) It shows off your relationship

Women love showing off their relationship. Watch the sparkle in her eyes when you show her some love in front of her friends. Get her a piece of jewelry that turns heads and notice how she enjoys telling everyone that you were the one who gifted it.

Solitaire Jewelers is the place for fine jewelry. Our fine jewelry collection consists of everything from engagement rings, diamond jewelry, watches, estate jewelry and more. Your dream of giving her diamonds can come true with us because we offer diamonds in a range of prices.

Can’t find something you like? We’ll help you custom design your own jewelry so you can give her something unique with your personal touch.

You can look through our jewelry collection online or head over to our jewelry store in Honolulu, Hawaii for a closer look.

4 Classic Jewelry Pieces That Will Always Be Around March 20 2018, 0 Comments

Trends come and go but there are certain jewelry pieces that will never go out of style. They may look simple but they exude pure elegance, making them must-have jewelry pieces for all ladies.

Check out these classic jewelry pieces that will always be around.

1) Pearls

From the days of Audrey Hepburn to today, pearls will remain a timeless piece of jewelry that will be around forever. They may be simple and may not sparkle as bright as a diamond but pearls will always be thought of as some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry. They are one of those rare pieces of jewelry that can be worn for formal occasions and are appropriate for the workplace too.

They add finesse to all kinds of outfits whether it’s a pencil skirt and blouse for the office or a dress for a date.

2) Diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings didn’t always have a diamond but thanks to a successful ad campaign by De Beers and many other companies that followed in its footsteps, it’s been ingrained into our brains that engagement rings must have a decorated diamond as its centerpiece.

Very rarely will a bride-to-be settle for engagement ring that isn’t diamond. You can expect engagement rings to remain synonymous with diamonds.


3) Solitaire earrings

Diamonds aren’t ever going to go out of style so there’s no way solitaire earrings will become less appealing overtime either. High-quality solitaire earrings are simplistic in their design yet they are stunning; their beauty lies in their sparkle. You can be wearing the dullest outfit but your solitaires will shine across the room!


4) Bracelet watches

Bracelets don’t really have trends. Regardless of their styles they always make fashionable accessories.  The same applies to bracelet watches; certain styles of watches may become outdated but it’s highly unlikely that a bracelet watch ever looks too old-fashioned.

Solitaire Jewelers is your one-stop shop for all kinds of fine jewelry including classy pearly, dazzling diamonds engagement rings, solitaire earrings, bracelet watches and so much more. We provide a wide variety of fine jewelry pieces from an array of brands in a range of prices. Our pre-owned and estate jewelry selection consists of ever-lasting vintage pieces that are sure to turn heads.

If you have jewelry items that you want to sell, head over to our store in Honolulu, Hawaii to have it graded by our jewelers; we buy fine jewelry too!

Stunning Revelation: Why We Choose To Propose With A Diamond Ring March 19 2018, 0 Comments

Ever wondered how diamonds became the gemstones for engagement rings? Engagement rings didn’t always have to have a diamond, but that changed in the 19th century. Somewhere along the road, our brains were reprogrammed to believe that engagement rings had to be diamond.

So what changed our perception? How did diamonds become a must-have for engagement rings?

The Iconic Advertising Campaign

Diamonds became the gem of choice through a hugely successful marketing campaign by De Beers. You see in the early 1900s, the production of diamonds was really low but engagement rings were definitely a thing.

It wasn’t until the late 1930s that diamond engagement rings gained popularity but then the Great Depression came and the value of diamonds took a hit. Then in 1947, De Beers launched its iconic “diamonds are forever” campaign and changed marriage proposals for forever. The campaign lasted 4 decades – giving De Beers more than enough time to ingrain in our brains that the best engagement rings have diamonds.

How did they do it?

De Beers tied the eternal beauty of diamonds to marriage – a relationship that hopefully lasts forever. Their ads seamlessly captured the exquisiteness of diamonds and combined them with the endearing chemistry of the couple being presented. The ad campaign perfectly captured the pre-marriage feelings of couples and with time, we accepted that diamonds were the best way to seal the deal.

The eternal quality of diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest metal known to man. They can be shattered (only with a hydraulic press) and poor quality diamonds do discolor with time but generally speaking, they do last ‘forever’.

This eternal quality of diamonds symbolizes what all couples from their marriages. They want a marriage that lasts, a relationship that is strong and remains unharmed no matter what it faces – just like a diamond.


The De Beers campaign resonated with marriage hopefuls and the company decided to take it global, even to countries where engagement rings weren’t a custom such as Japan. Before they knew it, Japan became the second biggest diamond market in the world.

Today, around 75% of brides don diamond rings, making diamonds the most desired gems for engagement rings.

Few gems can compare to the beauty of a flawless diamond so if you’re looking to pop the question, diamonds rings should be your primary choice.

At Solitaire Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our collection of diamonds and the wide range of prices we offer. We have everything from classic estate jewelry to modern designs. Glance through our collection of diamond engagement rings or contact us to design your own! We’re happy to help.

Where To Buy Fine Jewelry Online March 18 2018, 0 Comments

Fine jewelry is defined as jewelry consisting of precious metals, natural gemstones and pearls. The rarer the gemstones and metals used in fine jewelry, the more expensive it is. In our times, diamonds are the rarest gemstones which make them the most valuable and also the most desired.

Earlier, our options for fine jewelry were limited to the jewelry stores near our neighborhood but the Internet opened the world for us. We have access to fine jewelry from all over the world at our finger tips.

Now with all the online jewelry stores out there, how do you distinguish between those that are selling authentic pieces from those could be selling fakes?

Here are some tips on buying fine jewelry online.

1) Look for a trusted jewelry

Easier said than done, right? The big brands have established themselves in the industry and are trustworthy. However, due to their overhead costs, their prices could be higher too.

For all other sellers, do some research to determine their legitimacy. A simple Google search will reveal a lot. Their social media platforms alone should provide you with more than enough information. Look at user-interaction and feedback from existing customers. Are there any complaints? How does the seller respond to them?

2) Check the return-policy

When sellers have confidence in their products, they have very fair return policies. If a seller is offering a full-refund, take it as a green-light. Reliable merchants should provide you with apt time to examine the jewelry and return it if you’re not satisfied with is. Give them a call to clear any doubts you may have.

3) Learn as much as you can about the jewelry

Educate yourself as much as you can about the gems you’re purchasing. Diamonds are by far the most complex of all gemstones. Their prices fluctuate with the slightest changes in the 4Cs so know them well. Once you understand them, call up the seller and ask them questions to see how informed they are.

4) Detailed descriptions


Gemstones need to be described in great detail when being sold online. The quality of the jewelry pieces should be supported by professional certifications—diamonds, specifically, should always be backed by GIA certificates.

At Solitaire Jewelers all our diamond jewelry is backed by GIA certifications. We pride ourselves on our jewelry experts who have over 30 years of experiences in all areas of the jewelry business including diamond grading, arranging prestigious jewelry events, retailing, wholesaling and even manufacturing. Our team of jewelers is one of the most respected in the nation!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-808-955-3333 or pay us a visit in our store at Honolulu, Hawaii. We’ll love to show you our collection of fine jewelry in person!

Jewelry To Gift Her For Each Stage Of Your Relationship March 15 2018, 0 Comments

Throughout your relationship, jewelry will always be the best gift to give her. Very rarely will you come across a jewelry item she can’t appreciate; you just need to know the right time to give the right gifts.

Here are some ideas of jewelry to gift her for each stage of your relationship.

1) When you’re seeing how things go

So you’ve been on a few dates and you’re definitely feeling a vibe but are still getting to know each other. In this early point in your relationship, you can let her know that you care about her without admitting to any major feelings. It’s kind of like giving her a heads-up that you’re into her.

Give her something that isn’t wildly expensive but is pretty enough for her to wear happily with her favorite outfits. Go for a pair of cute sterling silver or gold plated studs. You can even opt for a sweet pendant. At this stage of the relationship, it’s best to stick with fashion jewelry – you don’t want her to feel pressured to gift you something in return.

2) You’re official on social media

Being official on social media nowadays means you’re in a committed relationship. You’re a couple and aren’t afraid to tell the world. You’re in the honeymoon stage, the relationship is exciting and things are still fairly new. Here you want to give her something that’s flirty and cute. Go for something that she can have with wear around all the time (if she wants). The idea is to get her something with sentimental value.

A small heart pendant or charm jewelry is perfect for this part of the relationship.

3) You’re moving in together

Congratulations on making it this far! Moving in together is a big step for couples; it usually means you’re in for the long run. Get ready to dig into your wallet, it’s time to get her some fine jewelry. Let her know how serious you are with some beautiful solitaire earrings, a small diamond pendant or elegant dangling earrings to wear on special occasions.


4) You’re ready to pop the question

You’re ready to commit to a life-long relationship. By now you should know about her taste in jewelry and what she may expect from an engagement ring. You can always get help from her close friends if you’re feeling a little nervous about finding a ring she can’t say no to.

We have a collection of diamond engagement rings in a range of cuts, shapes and prices. We even offer the option of designing custom-made rings so you can add your personal touch. Check out our fine jewelry collection online and place your order today.

6 Best Jewelry Gifts For Her March 14 2018, 0 Comments

Looking for a gift to blow her away? Jewelry is always makes a welcomed present. It’s one of those gifts that last a lifetime – you can’t really say the same for any other gift right?

Here are some jewelry gift ideas to inspire you:

1) Dangling Diamond Earrings

You can’t go wrong with diamonds; any sort of diamond jewelry will always be appreciated. A dazzling pair of diamond earrings can be worn with any outfit and look stunning.

Diamond earrings in round and princess cuts, with a studded halo surrounding the bigger stones will make the diamond look larger and shine brighter.

2) Bracelet watch

Bracelet watches seamlessly combine fashion and function. They make a perfect addition to any outfit. Before you go ahead and make a purchase, get an idea of what sort of metallic tones she prefers. You don’t want to get her a color she doesn’t like.

3) Eternity ring

Whether you’re just dating or are married, an eternity ring is a commitment of never-ending love – a gift she’s sure to cherish. Eternity rings are simple rings with metal bands that are lined with either diamonds or gem stones.


4) Charm bracelets

Want to up the levels of sentimental value? Go for a customized charmed bracelet, add charms that reflect her personality or represent special moments in the relationship. She’ll be grateful for the thought and effort you put into it.

5) Diamond solitaire pendant

A single diamond solitaire pendant is all that is needed to add some glamour to a dress. The fiery sparkle of a solitaire will beautifully compliment anything she’s wearing.

6) Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire gemstones are known to have healing properties. According to astrologers, the deep blue of sapphire stones, bring you peace and tranquility. People also believe that sapphire rings draw wisdom and compassion to whoever is wearing them.

Even if you don’t believe in the healing properties of the gemstones, there’s no denying the beauty of sapphire stones in jewelry.

She’ll absolutely love adding some sapphire to her jewelry collection!

We hold jewelry from esteemed brands such as Tiffany & Co., Chopard and Cartier. Skim through our brilliant collection of fine jewelry online or visit our store in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our jewelry collection consists of everything from solitaire diamonds to gold that come isn’t a wide range of prices.

Take your pick, we’ll have it delivered to your doorstep in no time!

4 Gorgeous Engagement Rings that Aren’t Diamond March 13 2018, 0 Comments

Stressing over how you’re going to afford the perfect diamond engagement ring? Here’s a secret: engagement rings don’t have to be diamond – and finding a non-diamond engagement ring could be lighter on your wallet.

An engagement ring just has to beautiful, not necessarily a diamond. Unless your partner is expecting nothing less than a diamond, it’s alright to check out other gorgeous rings that aren’t diamond.

1) Moissanite

Cubic Zirconia and other gems that can pass as ‘diamonds’ are susceptible to dullness and scratches with time; moissanite is different. It’s a crystal that comes from meteorites. It’s as dense, robust and resistant to the elements as diamonds. Moissanite can be produced in labs at a fraction of a cost of a lab-made diamond.

A perfect, two carat diamond can cost you more than $40,000 while a very similar looking, flawless Moissanite stone will cost you below $1000.

2) Other gems stones


There are other gem stones in the market that exude beauty, some of which are even rarer than diamonds and are priced much lower; tanzanite is one such gem. It’s much rarer than diamonds but will can cost you a tenth of the price of a similar looking diamond.

Colored gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds have their own qualities, they too can help you save thousands of dollars.

If you’re not sold on the idea of a colored engagement ring then you search for a colorless sapphire (yes, they exist). They too are rarer than diamonds but are much more affordable.

3) Yellow gold

It may not have the same class as diamonds but yellow gold is still precious. Get yourself a ring that is primarily yellow gold with a small diamond stone that isn’t necessarily the centre of attention. A well-designed gold ring can take away attention from a small or flawed diamond.

4) Crystal engagement rings

High-quality, well-designed crystals make for beautiful engagement rings and will cost you sufficiently less than a diamond engagement ring.

There’s no need to put off a proposal because you can’t afford the perfect diamond engagement rings, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Our collection of rings at Solitaire Jewelers consists of a wide range of jewelry from all price ranges and brands. If you’re looking for more affordable pieces, take a look at our on sale items.

5 Jewelry Pieces All Ladies Should Have March 12 2018, 0 Comments

The more jewelry you have, the more options you have when it comes to accessorizing but jewelry is costly and most of us cannot afford a large collection of fine-jewelry.

Ready For Your First Designer Watch? Here’s What You Need To Keep In Mind March 10 2018, 0 Comments

With so many watches and styles in the market, buying your first designer watch can be tricky. Unless you’re a watch connoisseur, you probably don’t know much about them. There was a time when wearing a watch was essential in order to keep track of time. Today, most young people rely on their phones for that but still, watches have not become obsolete. Purchasing a designer watch is still considered a milestone for many.

Selling Your Diamond Ring at A Good Price! December 03 2017, 0 Comments

Why do people sell their prized diamonds? There are a lot of reasons; some of them will surprise you! There is a general misconception that an uncertain financial situation compels diamond jewelry owners to sell their precious diamond collection. Although this is one reason, it’s not the only one.

Selling your diamond engagement ring is a good idea when:

You Have Moved On

Diamonds are forever. However, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Engagements break; marriages don’t last. There is no reason to live in the past, with a painful albeit beautiful reminder of a failed marriage.

Selling your diamond engagement ring or another such souvenir can be a very therapeutic experience! Getting cold, hard cash in the process makes it even worthwhile.

Looking For Upgrade

Many couples today tie the knot at a young age, when they can’t afford to buy a bigger carat. After a while, finances can improve and you may want a start building a better life. What better way to start than by buying a diamond ring that reflects your situation, both personal and financial?

You Inherited and Want Cash

It is exciting for a 12 year old to know she might inherit her grandmother’s clunky diamond ring someday.

It’s quite different for an adult, being saddled with heirloom jewelry that doesn’t meet current needs, lifestyle and personal preference.

Isn’t it better to sell that piece of jewelry and buy one according to your taste?

Or use the money to pay for that vacation you have always dreamt of having!  

Four Basic Steps to Selling a Diamond for a Good Price

Selling a diamond at a good price is relatively difficult than buying, for much the same reasons. Determining true worth of a diamond is a confusing process, requiring the seller to consider different aspects of the diamond.

Buying a diamond is made easy after taking the 4 Cs in mind. It takes more than the 4 Cs to sell your diamond engagement ring.

Following are the most basic tips that you can follow to sell your diamond at a good price.

  • Educate yourself about the diamond on-hand
  • Set a realistic selling price
  • Investigate all possible selling options
  • Be emotionally ready to sell the diamond

There is always a bigger, better and more beautiful diamond out there, waiting for you to own it. Selling the diamond at a good price will ensure that! Visit Solitaire Jewelers, Honolulu’s online jewelry store, and sell your diamond.


Selling Your Diamond Ring? Here Are Reasons To! December 02 2017, 0 Comments

What do you want in life, the most? Food, water, diamonds – you know the essentials.

Diamonds are the epitome of long-lasting love and commitment. Incredibly valuable, diamonds signify elegance and ever-lasting beauty. These dazzling multi-faceted gems are perfect for a woman, at every stage of life!

Why would you want to sell your diamond engagement ring or necklace?

Selling Your Diamond Means Extra Money

A diamond may hold more intrinsic value yet you can have a profitable sale, if handed to the right diamond buyer. Selling your diamond will guarantee extra money in your wallet! A lot can be done with that much money… shopping spree at your favorite outlets, a vacation, and investing in low risk and high yield funds!

Want to Be Reminded Constantly Of a Failed Marriage/Engagement?

Diamonds are the most popular choice for an engagement/wedding ring in the world.

Marriage is a wonderful time in a woman’s life yet there’s no guarantee it will work out – 40% to 50% of marriages in the USA don’t.

We don’t mean to be negative but often keeping a token of your marriage such a diamond ring or even wedding band is excruciating. Spare yourself further torture and sell the ring. You can always buy another one (of a different style) with the money!

Are You Stockpiling Diamonds For The End of The World?

Repeat after us – the global economy will never collapse…

It has been somewhat less stable in recent months (due to various global events), the economy will probably stand the test of time. So why are you stockpiling your diamonds and other valuable trinkets? Do you think the bartering system will be restarted in the post-apocalyptic world?

Or are you waiting to bequeath your beautiful, fancy pink diamond ring to your yet to be born grand-children?   

Diamonds Are Forever – But Don’t Take Seriously

As the strongest substance on Earth, why wouldn’t they be?

Yes, diamonds are forever (hype forwarded by diamond mines and jewelry stores). But that doesn’t mean you should stick to one diamond ring your entire life!

Buying a better and bigger carat signifies that you are financially stable to upgrade, that you are willing to solidify your relationship – even after 30 years.   

There is no reason to keep hold of your diamond ring or bracelet… if it still means you get to wait in long lines at Starbucks on a Monday morning.

There are better jewelry alternatives, diamond and otherwise! Search for them right here at Solitaire Jewelers!   



5 Lesser Known and Beautiful Diamonds – The B-List November 24 2017, 0 Comments

The bigger the diamond, the more valuable and beautiful. This is something we all believe to be true. Try to name three famous diamonds from the top of your mind, the first will almost always be the Hope Diamond or the Tiffany Yellow Diamond.

Yet, there are other factors that determine a diamond’s real worth and beauty. Keeping this mind, following are some of the world’s lesser known, but equally beautiful, diamonds.

The Eureka Diamond

This diamond is famous for being the ‘first discovered diamond in South Africa’. The Eureka Diamond paved the way for diamond mining, so this gemstone has to be valuable! Unlike other famous stones, the Eureka Diamond isn’t huge in size (10.73 carat) and features a ‘smoky cut’.

The diamond’s first public appearance was made in 1867 at the Paris Exhibition.

The Nizam Diamond

This diamond could have become one of the world’s most recognizable if it hadn’t been lost. The Nizam Diamond was India’s pride and joy, at one point.

Featuring a quite impressive 277 carat weight and uniquely cut irregular facets, the diamond could have rivaled most of the famous of the world!

It was during the wartime of 1830s in India, that the stone vanished forever after being held for generations by the famous Nizam family.

The Lesser Star of Africa

Known as the ‘sister stone’ to the Star of Africa, this lesser known diamond isn’t any less beautiful. This 317.40 carat and stone is part of the Cullinan Diamond collection always comes in second place because of the substantially larger Cullinan 1.

Set in a cushion cut, the Lesser Star of Africa is part of the Imperial State Crown worn by British monarchs.

The Sancy

First owned by Charles the Bold AKA Duke of Burgundy, the 55 carats Sancy was lost in battle in 1477.

The history of the Sancy Diamond is filled with royals borrowing the stone (King Henry III attached the diamond in a cap and wore it) to selling the gemstone.

The last of the Stuart Kings of England, James II fled to Paris with the diamond which disappeared during the French revolution.   

The Hortensia

Named after the Queen of Holland, the 20 carats peach colored diamond isn’t given the attention it deserves. There is mystery attached to this beautiful stone, starting from its namesake (Napoleon Bonaparte’s alleged step-daughter) to circumstances of its disappearance and re-discovery.

Visitors can view the diamond at the Louvre in Paris, as the Hortensia is part of the French Crown Jewels.

Diamonds are forever, which is why tales of history’s lost diamond are being told even today. Invest in a beautiful diamond, one that you can call your own and hand down to your children. Solitaire Jewelers invites you.  


Something in Green - Buy Your Sweetheart Gold and Emerald Jewelry! November 15 2017, 0 Comments

Spring is almost over. Summer is here in full swing! This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the bounties of spring.


What color reminds the most of this wonderful season? Iridescent and beautiful to look at – an emerald ring is the jewelry of this season.


From Inca emperors to Egyptian pharaohs – no other gemstone has managed to capture such undivided attention as emeralds have and continue even today.


Yet buying emerald and gold jewelry isn’t the same as buying diamonds.


Take help from the following guide on how-to buy the perfect emerald and gold jewelry, without getting ripped off:

Look At Emerald Color


Emeralds are known for their green color, most come with faint bluish and yellowish lines crisscrossed on the stone. Additionally, there are two color characteristics that should be considered when choosing an emerald. There are:


  • Intensity
  • Darkness


Intensity of the Color

This refers to the color saturation level of an emerald. First time emerald jewelry buyers can get confused as this gemstone has many different levels of color saturation. Some stones may showcase a more or slightly less dull look while others are more intense and vivid.  


Darkness of the Color

This color characteristic describes tone of the color green that can be seen in the gemstone. This can vary from one extreme to another, i.e. a light green to very dark color. 

Look At Emerald Clarity


In colored stones like emerald, clarity and transparency are closely linked and should be considered side by side when choosing a gemstone. It’s true – even high quality emeralds may have some inclusions visible to the naked eye. This doesn’t mean value of the stone is less.


When evaluating an emerald, look at the number, size and visibility of flaws. A gemstone that doesn’t feature any inclusions or visible flaws was likely designed in a lab and is a fake emerald.


On the other hand, too many inclusions of a certain nature can have a negative effect on emerald clarity and transparency. This can also reduce gemstone value.  

Look At Emerald Jewelry Setting


Jewelry setting is very important. Choosing the right one can make all the difference between a valuable emerald and gold ring and a de-valued piece of jewelry.


Additionally, the emerald mounting you choose will determine level of surface exposure of the ring to occasional bumps. Solitaire Jewelers recommend setting your emerald in a bezel or V-prong setting for the best protection.


Find the most beautiful emerald jewelry in Hawaii, encased in cool metal or fiery gold from Solitaire Jewelers!     


Marquise Diamonds Are Forever – Select The Right One November 13 2017, 0 Comments

Are you an incurable romantic searching for a unique, yet traditional, diamond engagement ring? Here’s the thing; it’s the cut of the diamond that makes it dazzle. As such, the marquise diamond should be your first choice.




Also known as boat-shaped, football-shaped, eye-shaped or the slightly more appealing navette, marquise cut diamonds are as rare as the stone itself. Compared to other less vintage diamond cuts, it’s also the most popular!


However, know what you’re getting into when buying a marquise cut diamond engagement ring…

All about the Marquise


This diamond cut has been around for many years and is perfect for people who prefer vintage styled jewelry. The diamond cut features 56 facets and an elliptical shape with narrow, pointed ends.

Marquise Diamond Buying Guide


  • Watch Out For Chipped Diamonds


Picking the right jewelry setting for a marquise cut diamond is very important. If not protected by the setting, sharp and pointed ends of the stone can chip off. Setting this diamond cut in an engagement ring? The setting must feature protected prongs or claws, keeping corners safe. The most secure ring settings are V-end or V-tip prongs.


  • Is Your Diamond Perfectly Symmetrical?


Symmetry plays an important role in choosing the right marquise cut diamond. A perfectly balanced ring setting will feature perfect alignment of both points at the end of the stone. Even the smallest imperfection will make final ring setting difficult.


  • Keep a Lookout For The Bow Tie Effect


Sometimes, a marquise cut diamond will feature an area of reduced color right in the center of the gem. This effect often resembles a bow tie and occurs due to the narrow shape of the marquise diamond. While all fancy and elongated diamond shapes showcase a bow tie effect, a well cut marquise diamond will hide it.


  • Search For The Best Diamond Grade

Most inclusions and color tints can be effectively hidden with this fancy cut. However, it’s still a good idea to search for a marquise diamond within the following diamond grades:


Color – D to I (on GIA color scale)

Clarity – Flawless to VS2 (on GIA clarity scale)


Marquise diamonds are perfect in every manner, no doubt about it. Couples with a tight budget can find a beautiful and unique marquise diamond engagement ring, in a more affordable price.


Look for the perfect ring that gives off an impression of a larger carat, in the form of a marquise diamond engagement ring from Solitaire Jewelers.  


Diamond Ring Repair – How To Know Your Setting’s Prong is Loose November 09 2017, 0 Comments

Glance at your wedding band or diamond engagement ring; what do you see? Is the metal surface riddled with scrapes and light scars? Are the prongs of the setting bent or loose?


The jewelry we wear every day is exposed to some of the worst mishandling during the day. Diamond engagement rings are banged, tugged, and twisted against unforgivable surfaces. We don’t even realize this wear and tear until it’s too late.




By too late we mean broken, bent or loose prongs as this is the most significant problem faced ring wearers. Loose prongs on your ring may not seem like a big issue; but it is common for diamonds to fall out . Here is what you can do to check if your ring’s setting is snug.

How-to Check: Loose Prongs


There are two popular methods of checking your ring for loose prongs or other obvious issues.


Tap the Ring

This is most commonly followed by jewelry repairers, as obvious as the method is. You must tap your ring lightly with a fingernail. You will hear a slight noise if the prong is loose. A rattling sound on the other hand means the diamond is moving around the setting and may possibly fall.       


Move the Diamond

A different approach is to physically feel around the setting with your fingernail, whether the prong is loose or not. Does the diamond have enough space to move? Can you twist the stone with your fingernail?


Take off your ring right away! The prong is definitely loose and further prodding and shaking will only loosen it more.    

Verdict Found – What Do You Do Now?


When it comes to expensive and sentimental diamond engagement rings, it’s always a good idea to visit professional jewelry repairers.


Safe Rather Than Sorry – How to Take Care Of Your Ring


You have every right to flaunt your beautiful diamond engagement ring! However, you need to keep certain things in mind…


Rough activities such as sports, hiking, etc., can be a great deal of fun. That being said, your ring can sustain damage if proper care isn’t taken prior to participating in that activity. Remember to remove your ring in order to prevent damage or accidental bumps.


There is only so much your ring can handle without showing severe signs of damage. Hand your loose pronged or broken diamond engagement ring to Solitaire Jewelers for professional repair!


Will You Marry Me? Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Made Easy November 07 2017, 0 Comments


Online shopping has made life easy, no doubt. However, is there a limit to what people should or shouldn’t buy from online stores?


Where should the line be drawn in online shopping?


It will surprise you to know; online shoppers buy everything from clothes and shoes to music equipment and even their course books. Can you buy jewelry from an online store—diamond jewelry?




Here are some commandments when searching online for the perfect ring.

Trust Is Important Between a Diamond Jewelry Seller and Buyer


Trust is a feeling that doesn’t come naturally, especially when buying anything online. Conducting thorough research on the seller will help you give a general idea of operation. Find out:


  • How many years has the seller been in business?
  • What are the products the seller deals in?
  • Does the seller sell his own products or a third party’s?
  • What is the experience of previous buyers with the seller?
  • Can you contact the seller directly or through third party?

Return Policy – Is It Offered By The Online Jewelry Store?


Many online shoppers make the mistake of buying something without finding out details about the return policy offered by a store. This creates difficulty if they want to return the product due to any reason. Others provide detailed terms and conditions about returning an unwanted product, on their website.




It’s a good idea to read and understand this section before clicking on the ‘Buy’ button. You must know whether or not the seller in question will provide a full refund as per their return policy.

Condition, Authentication, and Certification – Complete Information Provided


How would you feel if you came across a beautiful diamond engagement ring on your online search, yet there was no description? Frustration is one way to put your feelings. A detailed written description of every product makes it easy for you to determine whether to buy a product or not. In addition to the detailed product description, seller should include:


  • Complete product measurements
  • Several images of product (from all sides)
  • Related products with images
  • Proof of certification (GIA, EGL, JBT)
  • Shipping details


Solitaire Jewelers offers the highest convenience to their customers in terms of their buying process.


Honolulu residents and visitors can frequent the brick and mortar jewelry store, ask questions and browse through displayed estate or diamond jewelry; because we care for our customers!  



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