You’ve probably come across at least a few people who’ve been given promise rings.

Generally, the concept of an engagement ring and a promise ring is the same but there are some differences in the kinds of the rings that are given and in their sentimental value.

The engagement ring is given (and accepted) when you decide that you want to be together for life. The reasons for giving a promise ring vary; the promise ring simply represents a commitment of some sort – it doesn’t have to be a commitment of love. Usually, the promise is kept between just the wearer and the giver.

Promises Between Couples

 Promises Between Couples

Even though promise rings can be given as a symbol for all kinds of promises, they are most prominently used to show commitment between couples. They depict that the couple intends to get engaged in the future. This can be after graduation, once an out-of-town (country) has ended or when they have enough money saved up.

Promise rings are also becoming popular amongst couples who don’t believe in marriage. They simply move in together and use the ring to show others that they are committed. If they happen to change their minds, the promise ring is moved to the right hand.

Promise Rings In Other Relationships

Other than romantic relationships, promise rings are given by parents to their children as symbols of their love, they are exchanged between best friends to mark their friendship and even as purity rings to show their pledge to abstinence.

What Should A Promise Ring Look Like?

Promise rings aren’t meant to be flashy like engagement rings. They are smaller in size and much subtler in design. If they have gemstones, they are tiny in size and don’t have much of a sparkle.

They may or may not consist of a diamond and when they do, the diamond isn’t the star of the ring – the design is.

There’s a difference in the metals used in the rings. The most popular metal bands used in engagement rings are 14K-18K gold and platinum bands. In promise rings the metal isn’t so pricey; the most prominent metals include 10K sterling silver and gold.

Many promise rings will have motifs of interlinked hearts, the infinity symbol, flower, etc.

Regardless of the kind of promise you want to make, a promise ring is a gorgeous symbol of love and commitment.

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