From a very young age we already know that engagement rings and weddings rings are worn on the finger next to our pinky that is amply named the ‘ring’ finger.

Throughout the world, it’s generally accepted that most people wear their wedding and engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand

Ever wondered why is it that we’ve picked out a specific finger to don this precious item of jewelry? What if the ring is too loose for the ring finger? Can it be worn on a different finger?

Let’s find out:

The Wedding Ring

 The Wedding Ring

Wearing the wedding ring on the on the ring finger isn’t a modern concept; it’s actually a tradition that has been passed on since the ancient times.

The Romans believed that the finger had a vein connected to the heart. The vein was named the “vena amoris” which translated to “the vein of love”. It only makes sense to solidify the commitment of life-long love by adorning the fingers that hold the special veins that link directly to their heart.

But what happens when the ring doesn’t fit the right finger?

While the Romans were convinced that it was the fourth finger that was linked to the heart, modern science tells us that all fingers connect to the heart. The fourth finger isn’t special! However, people haven’t let silly little things like “logic” get in the way; the wedding ring is still worn on the fourth finger in most countries.

The Engagement Ring

Since Western cultures continue to wear wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand, engaged couples have also followed in their footsteps. They too want their ring to be placed on this
“special” finger. In some European cultures where the wedding ring is worn on the right hand, the engagement ring is still placed on the left hand.

In Latin American countries like Brazil and Columbia, the engagement ring is placed on the right hand during engagement and then moved to the left hand in the wedding ceremony. The Germans and the Dutch, wear their wedding rings on the right and their engagement rings on the left.  

The Wedding Band

To make things even more confusing, Western cultures also exchange wedding bands. Wedding bands are also rings but they are much simpler in design. They are designed to be worn all the time.

If you have an engagement ring, a wedding ring and a wedding band and you want to wear them all together, you should consider “stacking”. Stacking means you can place the rings on top of each other. People usually place their wedding bands at the bottom and the put their engagement and wedding rings on top. Some brides even go as far as soldering their engagement rings and wedding rings together to make it easier for them to manage.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you place your ring. Traditionally, rings that symbolize a spousal relationship are placed on the fourth finger but if for whatever reason you want to wear it on a different finger, go right ahead!

It’s your ring, your finger, where it wherever you want!

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