Fine jewelry is defined as jewelry consisting of precious metals, natural gemstones and pearls. The rarer the gemstones and metals used in fine jewelry, the more expensive it is. In our times, diamonds are the rarest gemstones which make them the most valuable and also the most desired.

Earlier, our options for fine jewelry were limited to the jewelry stores near our neighborhood but the Internet opened the world for us. We have access to fine jewelry from all over the world at our finger tips.

Now with all the online jewelry stores out there, how do you distinguish between those that are selling authentic pieces from those could be selling fakes?

Here are some tips on buying fine jewelry online.

1) Look for a trusted jewelry

Easier said than done, right? The big brands have established themselves in the industry and are trustworthy. However, due to their overhead costs, their prices could be higher too.

For all other sellers, do some research to determine their legitimacy. A simple Google search will reveal a lot. Their social media platforms alone should provide you with more than enough information. Look at user-interaction and feedback from existing customers. Are there any complaints? How does the seller respond to them?

2) Check the return-policy

When sellers have confidence in their products, they have very fair return policies. If a seller is offering a full-refund, take it as a green-light. Reliable merchants should provide you with apt time to examine the jewelry and return it if you’re not satisfied with is. Give them a call to clear any doubts you may have.

3) Learn as much as you can about the jewelry

Educate yourself as much as you can about the gems you’re purchasing. Diamonds are by far the most complex of all gemstones. Their prices fluctuate with the slightest changes in the 4Cs so know them well. Once you understand them, call up the seller and ask them questions to see how informed they are.

4) Detailed descriptions


Gemstones need to be described in great detail when being sold online. The quality of the jewelry pieces should be supported by professional certifications—diamonds, specifically, should always be backed by GIA certificates.

At Solitaire Jewelers all our diamond jewelry is backed by GIA certifications. We pride ourselves on our jewelry experts who have over 30 years of experiences in all areas of the jewelry business including diamond grading, arranging prestigious jewelry events, retailing, wholesaling and even manufacturing. Our team of jewelers is one of the most respected in the nation!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-808-955-3333 or pay us a visit in our store at Honolulu, Hawaii. We’ll love to show you our collection of fine jewelry in person!