Throughout your relationship, jewelry will always be the best gift to give her. Very rarely will you come across a jewelry item she can’t appreciate; you just need to know the right time to give the right gifts.

Here are some ideas of jewelry to gift her for each stage of your relationship.

1) When you’re seeing how things go

So you’ve been on a few dates and you’re definitely feeling a vibe but are still getting to know each other. In this early point in your relationship, you can let her know that you care about her without admitting to any major feelings. It’s kind of like giving her a heads-up that you’re into her.

Give her something that isn’t wildly expensive but is pretty enough for her to wear happily with her favorite outfits. Go for a pair of cute sterling silver or gold plated studs. You can even opt for a sweet pendant. At this stage of the relationship, it’s best to stick with fashion jewelry – you don’t want her to feel pressured to gift you something in return.

2) You’re official on social media

Being official on social media nowadays means you’re in a committed relationship. You’re a couple and aren’t afraid to tell the world. You’re in the honeymoon stage, the relationship is exciting and things are still fairly new. Here you want to give her something that’s flirty and cute. Go for something that she can have with wear around all the time (if she wants). The idea is to get her something with sentimental value.

A small heart pendant or charm jewelry is perfect for this part of the relationship.

3) You’re moving in together

Congratulations on making it this far! Moving in together is a big step for couples; it usually means you’re in for the long run. Get ready to dig into your wallet, it’s time to get her some fine jewelry. Let her know how serious you are with some beautiful solitaire earrings, a small diamond pendant or elegant dangling earrings to wear on special occasions.


4) You’re ready to pop the question

You’re ready to commit to a life-long relationship. By now you should know about her taste in jewelry and what she may expect from an engagement ring. You can always get help from her close friends if you’re feeling a little nervous about finding a ring she can’t say no to.

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