What do you want in life, the most? Food, water, diamonds – you know the essentials.

Diamonds are the epitome of long-lasting love and commitment. Incredibly valuable, diamonds signify elegance and ever-lasting beauty. These dazzling multi-faceted gems are perfect for a woman, at every stage of life!

Why would you want to sell your diamond engagement ring or necklace?

Selling Your Diamond Means Extra Money

A diamond may hold more intrinsic value yet you can have a profitable sale, if handed to the right diamond buyer. Selling your diamond will guarantee extra money in your wallet! A lot can be done with that much money… shopping spree at your favorite outlets, a vacation, and investing in low risk and high yield funds!

Want to Be Reminded Constantly Of a Failed Marriage/Engagement?

Diamonds are the most popular choice for an engagement/wedding ring in the world.

Marriage is a wonderful time in a woman’s life yet there’s no guarantee it will work out – 40% to 50% of marriages in the USA don’t.

We don’t mean to be negative but often keeping a token of your marriage such a diamond ring or even wedding band is excruciating. Spare yourself further torture and sell the ring. You can always buy another one (of a different style) with the money!

Are You Stockpiling Diamonds For The End of The World?

Repeat after us – the global economy will never collapse…

It has been somewhat less stable in recent months (due to various global events), the economy will probably stand the test of time. So why are you stockpiling your diamonds and other valuable trinkets? Do you think the bartering system will be restarted in the post-apocalyptic world?

Or are you waiting to bequeath your beautiful, fancy pink diamond ring to your yet to be born grand-children?   

Diamonds Are Forever – But Don’t Take Seriously

As the strongest substance on Earth, why wouldn’t they be?

Yes, diamonds are forever (hype forwarded by diamond mines and jewelry stores). But that doesn’t mean you should stick to one diamond ring your entire life!

Buying a better and bigger carat signifies that you are financially stable to upgrade, that you are willing to solidify your relationship – even after 30 years.   

There is no reason to keep hold of your diamond ring or bracelet… if it still means you get to wait in long lines at Starbucks on a Monday morning.

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