Why do people sell their prized diamonds? There are a lot of reasons; some of them will surprise you! There is a general misconception that an uncertain financial situation compels diamond jewelry owners to sell their precious diamond collection. Although this is one reason, it’s not the only one.

Selling your diamond engagement ring is a good idea when:

You Have Moved On

Diamonds are forever. However, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Engagements break; marriages don’t last. There is no reason to live in the past, with a painful albeit beautiful reminder of a failed marriage.

Selling your diamond engagement ring or another such souvenir can be a very therapeutic experience! Getting cold, hard cash in the process makes it even worthwhile.

Looking For Upgrade

Many couples today tie the knot at a young age, when they can’t afford to buy a bigger carat. After a while, finances can improve and you may want a start building a better life. What better way to start than by buying a diamond ring that reflects your situation, both personal and financial?

You Inherited and Want Cash

It is exciting for a 12 year old to know she might inherit her grandmother’s clunky diamond ring someday.

It’s quite different for an adult, being saddled with heirloom jewelry that doesn’t meet current needs, lifestyle and personal preference.

Isn’t it better to sell that piece of jewelry and buy one according to your taste?

Or use the money to pay for that vacation you have always dreamt of having!  

Four Basic Steps to Selling a Diamond for a Good Price

Selling a diamond at a good price is relatively difficult than buying, for much the same reasons. Determining true worth of a diamond is a confusing process, requiring the seller to consider different aspects of the diamond.

Buying a diamond is made easy after taking the 4 Cs in mind. It takes more than the 4 Cs to sell your diamond engagement ring.

Following are the most basic tips that you can follow to sell your diamond at a good price.

  • Educate yourself about the diamond on-hand
  • Set a realistic selling price
  • Investigate all possible selling options
  • Be emotionally ready to sell the diamond

There is always a bigger, better and more beautiful diamond out there, waiting for you to own it. Selling the diamond at a good price will ensure that! Visit Solitaire Jewelers, Honolulu’s online jewelry store, and sell your diamond.