A diamond is forever. However, engagement ring trends keep changing every year. 2016 was all about the classics—a flawless diamond placed inside a solitaire or halo setting.

Yes, solitaire diamond engagement rings never go out of style. In fact, they make a comeback every other year. Nonetheless, there are other ring styles that deserve some love and attention too.

Are you thinking 2017 is the year you are going to propose to your long-time sweetheart? Let it be known, you have quite a few choices to think about. Following is the rundown of the most popular engagement ring styles that you should invest in:

Rose-on-Rose Ring Style

Rose gold has been a beloved style for brides-to-be. This new take into the classic takes on all elements and takes the style a step further. Commonly, morganite gemstones are placed in a rose gold setting. However, couples can combine any complementary gemstone including a diamond if they like.

Morganite is typically selected with rose gold because this semi-precious stone boasts of a sparkling clarity and warm pink hue. Utterly beautiful to look at and wear.  

Special Gallery View

Special Gallery ViewNot many people know this but the side view of their ring (under the main diamond) is called the gallery.

2017 will see an increase in diamond engagement ring styles that feature an elaborately engraved gallery. No other ring style catches attention of viewers from all perspectives, like the special gallery view.

Pave Split Shank

Pave bands stole the show in 2016. This year, jewelry experts predict a more contemporary take of the same style. The split shank ring style is making rounds as a modern ring style.

It’s a style when the ring band splits into two, right as it intersects with the diamond. This ring style is incredibly stunning even with its simplicity!

Colored Accents

Colored AccentsColored accent stones have once again made themselves known this year.

Colored stones were a huge trend in 2016 and before, with big celebrities and even Kate Middleton sporting a colored stone in their choice of ring setting. However, there is a huge difference in 2017’s trend—starting with the single colored stone.

This year is all about multi gemstone pairings. Think a diamond and emerald pairing, or even a pink diamond halo setting!

Geometric Shapes

Geometric ShapesThere are several reasons why couples still prefer softer shapes (such as the cushion cut), although there is another modern shape rising in popularity. Couples are now seeking less-traditional and more angular, geometric designs when engagement ring shopping!

Engagement ring trends come and go. But your diamond will stay with you forever. You can upgrade into a better and more beautiful ring style anytime or even design your own engagement ring. Whatever path you choose, remember that Solitaire Jewelers will make it easier to find your diamond engagement ring. Visit us today!