Look at your wardrobe—what do you see? A little black dress; a beige pencil skirt; high-heeled boots; a simple white tee; a leather jacket—all must-have essentials every woman owns.

In fact, these important components are necessary when building up a ready-for-anything wardrobe.

The same goes for jewelry. There are some pieces that are inherently more valuable to women. No jewelry collection is complete without these jewelry essentials!

Must-Have Essential #1: A Menswear-Inspired/Boyfriend Watch

Must-Have Essential #1: A Menswear-Inspired/Boyfriend WatchBoyfriend watches have enjoyed immense popularity despite there being numerous luxury watch designers for women. A great looking menswear-inspired designer timepiece will not only ensure your punctuality but will also act as a wonderful balance for your other girly jewelry.

Invest in a designer men’s watch that you can even share with your significant other! Look for one with a slightly bigger face and a beautiful metallic strap. 

Take a look at this stunning Rolex DateJust 36mm Rose Gold & Stainless, Pink Jubilee Diamond Dial watch. It’s ideal for showing off without losing its practicality.

Must-Have Essential #2: Go-with-Everything Necklace 

Must-Have Essential #2: Go-with-Everything Necklace  There are several reasons why women must own a go-with-everything necklace, the first and most important being for everyday wear! Such necklaces are usually stored as backup jewelry pieces that can ensure a complete look even if going out at the last second. You can wear a go-with-everything necklace at work, after-work entertainment, casual dorm party, or even a night of bar hopping.

This Diamond Double Heart Pendant Necklace is an excellent addition in your jewelry box. 

Must-Have Essential #3: Statement Ring

Must-Have Essential #3: Statement RingOwning a striking and beautiful statement ring is really the final touch for any jewelry collection. It is said women with bold personalities dare to wear a statement and you have to be careful when pairing your wardrobe.

Yes, bold and colorful statement rings can personalize your style! Statement rings can be worn with jeans and a formal top just as easily as a gown, presenting a flawless look in both!

Consider buying this elegant 1.69ctw Diamond 18K White Gold Multi-Band Pave Ring from Solitaire Jewelers.

Must-Have Essential #4 Diamond Stud Earrings

Must-Have Essential #4 Diamond Stud EarringsDiamond stud earrings are a must-have essential for obvious reasons. Who says no to a diamond? Especially when it gleams and sparkles in your ear, teasing your audience with glimpses.

Stud earrings work whenever and wherever, in the day or night, at school or a special formal occasion.  

These Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings offer the right amount of elegance and subtlety without being an understating piece of jewelry.

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