There was a time when an engagement ring meant a single solitaire diamond set in the center of a beautiful yellow or white gold band. The man had it easy! Or did he?


Traditional solitaire engagement rings have taken a backseat. People looking for something different are choosing a new engagement ring trend – the halo ring.

Let us discuss what makes both ring designs stand out and which is truly the best one in the following:

New In Style - What Is a Halo Ring

Currently known as one of the most popular engagement ring styles, the halo diamond or colored stone ring is incredibly unique. It’s also a practical buy for people with a low or limited budget but who want to invest in a beautiful ring.

Engagement halo ring settings feature one center stone and a collection of round pave or micro-pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. The end result is a halo of smaller sparkling diamonds encircling a slightly larger stone.


This design draws the eye right to the center stone, illuminated with the flash of the tiny stones. The center diamond actually looks much bigger than it is which is also why the halo design is preferred.

Benefits of Diamond Halo Rings

These benefits will further decide which trend is the best:

  • You can get more bang for your buck with diamond halo ring settings
  • Halo diamond engagement rings seem fuller without the expensive price tag
  • Any kind of diamond or gemstone can feature at the center of the ring
  • This setting provides additional protection to center stone

Traditional and Classic – Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring design features just what it says. A single gemstone is mounted or set on a platinum, white gold or gold band. Solitaire ring designs are mutually exclusive from multiple-setting categories, strictly by its very definition.

A popular example of the solitaire diamond ring design is the Tiffany setting. However there are other solitaire designs considered at level with the Tiffany like bezel, flush, arched, or tensions settings. These are all good alternatives to consider.


Why to Invest In This Ring Design?

There are many reasons why a solitaire diamond setting always works best for diamond engagement rings. The most important one is the timeless appearance.

The classic design of the setting can easily match with any personality and style. A solitaire ring can be bought in any budget. Best of all… its simple beauty will ensure a solitaire diamond stands the test of time and changing diamond ring trends.

In the end, what design you invest in depends on personal preferences. Just know what you want first, the rest will follow. Take a look at Solitaire Jeweler’s diamond engagement ring collection and buy at an affordable rate.