Women love jewelry and makeup and almost any other thing that helps them enhance their beauty—but diamonds have a special place in a women’s heart. She may be able to give away the pearls that have been in the family for generations but you can’t separate her from her diamonds.

So, what is it about diamonds that make them so special to the ladies?

1) They’re fascinating

Everything about a diamond is captivating—from the way they sparkle, their strength, the fact that they don’t erode to how they are made.

To think of it, a diamond is just a regular piece of carbon – it doesn’t look much different to charcoal but then it undergoes processes that completely transform its appearance until it gains a dazzle that is unmatched to any other gemstone in the planet! Who wouldn’t want something so rare and precious?

2) They’re expensive

We’ve been programmed to appreciate things that cost a lot. Diamonds are some of the most valued gemstones in the market. The main factor in determining the price of the diamond is its cut. The more intricate the cut, the more the diamond sparkles and the more it sparkles, the greater its cost.


3) The Hollywood Influence

For decades now, we’ve watched one celebrity after another get engaged and show off their giant rocks.

Their engagement rings are compared by magazines and other media platforms. Before you know it, the everyday woman has her heart on being gifted something similar. It’s highly unlikely that the price of her diamond will come close to a celebrity’s diamond engagement ring but it will get attention from all her friends and family members.

4) It’s a symbol of love

The diamond engagement ring has become a symbol for love. A diamond holds all the qualities couples hopes their relationships will have. Since diamonds rings are synonymous with engagement rings now, it represents a milestone in a couple’s relationships and holds sentimental value like no other jewelry item in a woman’s collection.


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