It’s easy to think you have been duped into buying a certain piece of jewelry, paying more than its actual worth in the market. Chances are that is exactly what happened. Many buyers are tricked into buying a diamond ring or gold piece by vulture sellers primarily because they go in unprepared.


It’s important to step inside the jeweler’s shoes when buying diamond or gold jewelry. Thinking like the jeweler in this case will help you get the best deal.

Consider the following points before saying yes to your fiancée’s diamond engagement ring!

Remember – Colored Stones Are Always Treated

‘Natural’ colored gemstones don’t exist, at all. You won’t find them anywhere and least of all in a jewelry store! But colored stones can be found in pieces of finished jewelry? Yes, set gemstones can be colored. However these stones are usually treated or heated prior to being set in the ring or necklace.

Another term that should be remembered is finished jewelry. It means that a piece has been completely assembled i.e. set with the center stone.  

Never Buy On Your First Visit to a Jewelry Store

The first sign of an amateur jewelry (or any) buyer is making a purchase at the first store you look inside. This is a big no-no! Jewelry stores are like viewing houses – you stop and admire a piece of jewelry that catches your eye and exit the premises.

Taking their business card is okay, but never leave your personal information at the store! Feel drawn to that jewelry item? Conduct research online about similar pieces or look into other stores. On your next visit, state some facts about jewelry similar to the ones you have your eye on.

Quote lower but still realistic prices and compare the different pieces.   

Never Examine a Diamond in the Sunlight

It doesn’t matter how poorly cut a diamond is… the stone will still sparkle blindingly in the sun once it’s clean. Don’t trust a jeweler who insists that you examine a diamond under the sun, checking for brilliance and cut.

Buying a diamond based on luster alone isn’t a good idea. Additionally, knowing a little about how the diamond is cleaned before closing the sale will help you get a good deal. For instance – ask for a tissue to clean off diamond dust from a loose stone. This will force the jeweler to rethink his strategy, thinking you are an informed buyer.  

Another important point many diamond buyers don’t realize is that the 4Cs don’t always matter when buying a diamond. It’s equally important to look at the make i.e. proportions of the diamond before making a final decision.

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