Proposing to The One may seem like the easiest thing to you. After all, what’s so difficult in bending down on one knee and popping the question?

No doubt, your girlfriend of 5 years would agree to marry you even when you asked casually one fine day, with a beautiful diamond engagement ring in tow.


However, it’s the thought that counts… the thought of a lovely, well-planned and executed proposal that your soon-to-be fiancée can revel in pleasure.

Make it right by picking one of the following romantic proposal ideas.

Romantic and Unique Proposal Ideas She Will Love

Remember, you will narrate this story countless times in dinner and holiday parties so it has to be a perfect proposal. Who says you can’t combine unique and romantic ideas to create an amazing one?

Public Picture Proposal

There is a reason your girlfriend loves to watch chick-flick movies because of scenes where the hero proposes his undying love to the main girl in a public place! Take this romantic idea and make into your own…

Select a favorite place to visit either in your city, country or on vacation. You can even choose a place that has personal significance value to the two you – the bench of a local park, the restaurant booth where you had your first date or another such place.

Ask some nearby to take a picture of you together there… your girlfriend won’t see a proposal coming! Drop down on one knee and say those magical words with the camera’s first click.   

Skywriting against a Blue Sky

Does your girl like attention and has a flair for the dramatic?

If yes, this idea will work fantastically well! Skywriting is mostly used for advertising purposes but you can use it for proposing, which is romantic as well as creative.

However, planning this idea will take effort and some ingenious as this needs to be timed right. Ask your soon-to-be fiancée to meet you at the local park for a picnic date, set up everything and wait.


Your girlfriend will think it’s like any other date until you both spy a plane coming towards your area, writing will you marry me?

Don’t forget to include her name in the skywriting proposal.

Spell Out the Proposal in an Unexpected Place

Are you living together?

Planning a proposal will be easier especially if you want the occasion to be intimate and beautiful. This proposal idea doesn’t take much actual planning yet you must make sure your girlfriend discovers the proposal without any difficulty.

Before going to bed, write a proposal using alphabet refrigerator magnets on the fridge... ready to drop down on one knee when she discovers the arrangement.

You can also buy glow in the dark stickers and write on the bedroom ceiling. This will need some preparation in advance.   

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