Accessorizing—an overwhelming task that constitutes picking the right jewelry pieces that go well with your outfit.

It needs to complement your attire, yet not clash it.

Is it a formal or casual outfit? Does your jewelry change accordingly? (Yes!).  

Will this necklace go with that dress?


Want to make this seemingly impossible task easier? Getting ready for work, college, or a date is more than just throwing a couple of jingling bracelets with your go-to earrings and string necklace!

Accessorizing is an art we will help you discover.  

Accessorizing According To Your Style of the Day Is Important

What is the overall feel you are going for with the chosen outfit?

Is it elegant, grunge, punk chick, or a classy look?

Each of these styles and personalities will require different types and style of jewelry to complement your look!

Accessorizing With Necklaces

General rule of thumb when it comes to wearing necklaces: this piece shouldn’t cross your shirts neckline.

This will enhance beauty of your collar bone, making it a centerpiece. This rule doesn’t apply for certain necklaces, like ones with super long chains or beads…  


Accessorizing With Earrings

This is the easiest part of accessorizing. It doesn’t even matter how many earring styles you have in your jewelry box, there’s a style for every occasion and outfit. However, you should also keep in mind your haircut or hair style for the day when deciding which earring to wear.

Generally, more hair equals to bulkier earrings that can be worn easily. Choosing to pair earrings with a necklace? Make sure both jewelry pieces complement with each other.

Consider bead (or metal work), style, and color when accessorizing with these pieces.  

Accessorizing With Bracelets

Bracelets can seem like an unnecessary jewelry piece yet you can complete your look with it too. Options for pairing an outfit with a bracelet are two, several skinny bracelets or a single large bracelet.

You can buy gold or platinum banded bracelets, bejeweled in semi-precious stones or diamonds, whatever you prefer.

Vintage styled bracelets have also become popular in recent years as well as estate jewelry pieces.    

Looking for more tips? Keep the following in mind next time you are buying vintage or diamond jewelry from Solitaire Jewelers.

  • Jewelry must be appropriate according to outfit and occasion
  • Each piece must be proportional to body frame and facial features
  • Each piece must add some value to entire outfit


Waking up in the morning for work or getting ready for a party won’t be dreadful after you follow the basics of accessorizing. Find beautiful priced jewelry pieces from Solitaire Jewelers to incorporate into your collection!