What once was old is new again.

There are a lot of styles in clothing and jewelry that we would love to see again, while others shouldn’t even see the light of day!

One style that is coming back is vintage jewelry especially engagement rings.


Buying and Selling – Vintage Jewelry Becoming Popular!

There are still many who prefer buying new or customized jewelry, whether earrings or engagement rings. Yet more soon-to-be engaged couples are choosing to buy vintage engagement rings, perfect for setting them apart from the rest.   

Additionally, the market for vintage jewelry is expanding, considering owners are putting their jewelry pieces up for sale.

Thinking of buying a vintage engagement ring? Know how to differentiate between vintage and vintage styled first before venturing further into the abyss.

Vintage vs. Vintage Styled – What Is the Difference?

First-time buyers can get confused between these two concepts. Aren’t both the same?

There is a lot of difference between a vintage engagement ring and a vintage styled ring.

This is the first question you should ask the seller, determining the originality of ring style. So, what is the difference between both jewelry concepts?

Vintage Engagement Rings – these come from a specific time period i.e. Edwardian Era, Victorian Era, Art Deco Period, and Retro Period.

Vintage Styled Engagement Rings – these rings feature modern materials and technology but are designed in an older style.

You may mistakenly buy vintage styled engagement rings because of certain similarities in design. You can easily spot an actual vintage engagement ring among the fakes with a little research and the following information.


One characteristic of vintage style engagement ring is that it must be made of white gold or platinum.

Another consideration which will make sure you buy a vintage engagement ring is diamond setting.

Features Prong and Shared Settings

Note diamond setting when shopping for a vintage engagement ring, either online or at a physical store. Vintage style often features prong or shared prong diamond settings.

2 diamonds are set next to each other, sharing two prongs instead of the usual 4. This allows more diamond to show which is why it’s a preferable setting.

Use of Pave and Micro-pave Settings

Designing pave settings is extremely labor intensive which is also why diamond rings featuring this setting are more expensive. The technique gives the illusion that ring band is paved with diamonds, enhancing its shine.

Micro-paving is a similar technique only even smaller diamonds are used in to setting, with the help of a microscope.

Keeping the above considerations about vintage style rings will ensure you know what features to ignore when shopping for an authentic vintage ring. Solitaire Jewelers can help in this regard. View our beautiful collection today!