A beautiful diamond is a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are also one of the hardest known natural substances on earth, i.e. you can cut any kind of metal or rock with them. This incredible stone is so indestructible that it can only be heated between 1290-1650 degrees Fahrenheit!

Yet – a mere touch of our finger can cost a diamond its sparkle. Without its sparkle and gleaming facets, what is a diamond but just another stone?

Oil Deposits, Dirt and Grime Can Turn Your Beautiful Diamond into an Ugly Stone

Women love diamonds and like it even more when they can wear diamond jewelry. With time, dust and grime are attracted to the stone due to present oil deposits (transferred from fingers). This grime and dirt causes the diamond to lose its shine and sparkle!

So, do you want to keep your diamond looking its very best? Take help from the following tips!

Handle Your Loose Diamond Sparingly

This is the only tip that is effective for loose diamonds. Not only are they natural magnets for grease and dirt, it’s very hard to clean a diamond as well especially if it’s a smaller carat. Place all your loose diamonds in a zip lock bag or a nice, velvet pouch. 

Conduct Regular Cleaning Of Your Diamond

A simple, DIY diamond cleaning solution that you can follow is:

  • Soak your diamond jewelry in a gentle degreasing solution once or twice a week
  • Use a soft bristled and clean toothbrush to remove remaining grime
  • Make the DIY degreasing cleaning solution by adding a few drops of mild dish soap in a small container or dish of water. Additional steps to remember are:
  • Keep aside a new toothbrush, exclusively for cleaning diamond jewelry
  • The back of a diamond collects the most dirt and oil which can be cleaned with the toothbrush, as well as other hard to reach places.

Harsh Cleaning Solutions Should Be Avoided

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their diamond engagement ring with chlorine bleach or even commercialized household cleansers and toothpaste. This shouldn’t be done! Why? Chlorine due to its harsh properties can damage some metals used in the making of diamond ring settings. Abrasives (toothpaste) on the other hand can scratch gold and other metals.

Use a Gentle Touch When Cleaning and Handling

‘Old prongs’ used in antique jewelry is a fragile setting that shouldn’t be vigorously scrubbed when cleaning. A similarly tension setting, is when the diamond is held in place by pressure (with help from the shank). To prevent diamond loosening from its setting, you need to handle the item gently. Use a toothbrush to clean dirt and grime (like explained above) and rinse the item with water. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry all jewelry. Note: make sure to close the drain if you are working over the bathroom or kitchen sink.

The secret behind a diamond’s sparkle lies in its facets i.e. the tiny mirrors that reflect light in and out of a diamond. Following the above steps can help you maintain your diamond in tip-top shape so that everyone is awed next time you take it out for a ride. You can even sell your old diamond jewelry to Solitaire Jeweler by visiting our store in Honolulu and upgrade into a brand new diamond for your ring or necklace!