Diamonds aren’t like bread. We don’t buy them every day and sometimes even take out special jewelry pieces for special occasions. We have little idea regarding the worth and value of a loose diamond – relying entirely on the internet and what little research is carried.


Which is why Honolulu based Solitaire Jeweler reiterates the fact – research and more research will help you find a good diamond.

Are you buying it? Hold your horses! Never make the mistake of buying a loose diamond instantly.

This process has to be slow and steady to ensure you don’t regret your decision after a few months or years. Also, taking time with the buying process will allow you to verify if the diamond is certified or not.

Certified and Non-Certified – What Is the Difference

A diamond is a diamond, right? Not right! Buying a certified diamond provides the buyer with more advantages compared to an un-certified stone. But what makes a certified diamond different? Additionally, how does the diamond certification process work?

As we know, every buyer must look at the 4Cs before making any decision. There is another C that is equally important but often overlooked by buyers.

This is the certification of the diamond, which testifies that the purchased diamonds are genuine. Such a certificate will also provide an idea of actual worth of the diamond.  

Value Certification: Your Diamond’s Ultimate Credential

Why bother with certification if all diamonds look the same? This is one of the many frequently asked questions about diamond certification, with a simple answer.

A diamond is awarded a certificate after careful evaluation. Every aspect of the stone is taken into consideration when identifying actual (or an idea) value of the diamond. You’ll know you are buying a superior quality diamond if accompanied by such a value certificate by an accredited organization.   

This certificate will also help your diamond selling prospects, when you feel the time is nigh to upgrade or invest elsewhere.


What Does The Certificate Include?

In short, a diamond certificate includes the complete identity of your diamond. It’s also known as a grading report for this reason as diamond certification includes complete information. What factors are considered when grading the diamond?

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Cut
  • Brilliance
  • Color

You can get a replacement for your diamond in case it’s lost or gets stolen, if you have the stone’s certificate on hand. Are you confused between two diamonds? Choose the one with certification from GIA. You can also educate yourself about everything diamonds through Solitaire Jewelers.