Thinking of getting down on one knee and asking that one question that will change your life for the better? She’s the one you want to grow old with! She’s unique, and that’s exactly what her engagement ring should be.While you may already know the budget you have for the ring and the jewelry stores, you want to explore to find that perfect ring. This isn’t your average jewelry piece. It signifies a beautiful memory, and there is one thing that you absolutely have to factor in: her style.

What is her ring style

The ring you select should have a clear association to your lady’s personality. How do you determine that? Let’s find out:

The Romantic

If she is a fan of all things vintage and romantic, you need to go straight to the antique collection. She loves fairy tales, long walks with you on the beach, stolen kisses, and romantic dinners; she will definitely love a one-of-a-kind ring that is a reflection of history.

The Traditional Elegance

She appreciates simplicity, grace and all things traditional. Propose to her with a timeless solitaire ring. Always in style, the classic solitaire is the most preferred engagement ring type. The most conventional style of the ring is accompanied by a plain metal band. If you want to add a touch of sparkle to it, pick a side stone ring instead.

The Glamorous Outgoing One

If she likes to dazzle with her persona, slide a halo engagement ring on her finger. A center stone shaped to your liking surrounded by tiny diamonds creating a halo, this ring is all she needs to enhance her exuberance and match her style – the ring will be as appealing as she is herself.

The Outdoorsy Type

Does she love nature? Is she fond of the adventures, and the outdoors? You definitely need something a bit more practical for this one! Opt for a ring that has an elaborate design with vines and leaves that brings an organic element to the ring.

The Contemporary Woman

She’s fashion forward, and modern. She likes experimenting with trends and styles. Make sure you pick a ring that is trendy – maybe a thin band in your preferred metal that embraces the diamond in a protective way. Use different accents and settings to add the glitz.

For a detailed understanding of the types of engagement rings usually available in jewelry stores, go through our blog Ring Bling, Know Your Ringbefore you set out on the ring hunt.

There may be a possibility that your partner is not cut out to fit the personality molds defined by the society. She is,after all, one of a kind; which is why, we at Solitaire Jewelers allow you to custom designyour engagement ring choice; everything from the engagement ring settings to the final look!