An anniversary is indeed a momentous cause for celebration. Each passing year is a reminder of how much you love and cherish your better half, how much you’ve grown as best friends and lovers.

It’s a time to look back and reflect on your life, and plan for your future.

It’s an incredibly beautiful way to say thank you for being there, I am here for you too.

Nothing says ‘I am still in love with you’ like a beautiful diamond ring, presented in an elegant velvet box over a romantic dinner.

Is your 50th wedding anniversary fast approaching and you are clueless regarding gift ideas? Upgrade her existing wedding or diamond engagement ring!

Upgrade Her Halo Diamond Ring to a Double Halo

Two diamond halos are better than one, ask anyone! Is existing diamond ring outfitted with only one halo? Double the amount to bring a fresh and modern look for her diamond ring! This will also increase the piece’s unique and vintage feel.

Want something more different? Choose colored diamonds or gemstones for one halo. This will enhance brilliance of the ring’s center diamond.

Add Some Bling to a Plain Wedding Band

Upgrade Her Halo Diamond Ring to a Double HaloIs her existing wedding plan too much plain and understated? Maybe upgrading this ring into a better version in a subtle and sophisticated way would be ideal. Add some sparkle to the plain metal band by choosing to set two rows of pave diamonds instead of just one.

The overall effect of two pave diamond rows, glittering against the band metal will be extraordinary without making the ring look to much.

Design a New Custom-Made Diamond Ring

Add Some Bling to a Plain Wedding BandYou might reconsider the decision to upgrade your wife’s wedding band. For most, their wedding bands are too special to be replaced or upgraded. Many couples engrave their vows and meaningful inscriptions that are irreplaceable. You still have to gift her something, might as well invest in a new diamond ring.     

It’s important to match original wedding band or engagement ring with the new piece. It won’t be a perfect match; yet you can choose the same metal and gemstones to recreate a near perfect likeness.

How to Design Your Own Diamond Ring?

Solitaire Jewelers offers clients easy and simple to use visual software/tools for designing the perfect ring. Here are the steps:

  • Choose the starting ring style
  • Choose center shape (of diamond or other gemstone), size and type
  • Choose metal quality according to your personal taste and budget

The jewelry store doesn’t have what you are looking for? Solitaire Jewelers offers a ‘Design your Ring’ feature that can be used. Start on this project today!