Stressing over how you’re going to afford the perfect diamond engagement ring? Here’s a secret: engagement rings don’t have to be diamond – and finding a non-diamond engagement ring could be lighter on your wallet.

An engagement ring just has to beautiful, not necessarily a diamond. Unless your partner is expecting nothing less than a diamond, it’s alright to check out other gorgeous rings that aren’t diamond.

1) Moissanite

Cubic Zirconia and other gems that can pass as ‘diamonds’ are susceptible to dullness and scratches with time; moissanite is different. It’s a crystal that comes from meteorites. It’s as dense, robust and resistant to the elements as diamonds. Moissanite can be produced in labs at a fraction of a cost of a lab-made diamond.

A perfect, two carat diamond can cost you more than $40,000 while a very similar looking, flawless Moissanite stone will cost you below $1000.

2) Other gems stones


There are other gem stones in the market that exude beauty, some of which are even rarer than diamonds and are priced much lower; tanzanite is one such gem. It’s much rarer than diamonds but will can cost you a tenth of the price of a similar looking diamond.

Colored gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds have their own qualities, they too can help you save thousands of dollars.

If you’re not sold on the idea of a colored engagement ring then you search for a colorless sapphire (yes, they exist). They too are rarer than diamonds but are much more affordable.

3) Yellow gold

It may not have the same class as diamonds but yellow gold is still precious. Get yourself a ring that is primarily yellow gold with a small diamond stone that isn’t necessarily the centre of attention. A well-designed gold ring can take away attention from a small or flawed diamond.

4) Crystal engagement rings

High-quality, well-designed crystals make for beautiful engagement rings and will cost you sufficiently less than a diamond engagement ring.

There’s no need to put off a proposal because you can’t afford the perfect diamond engagement rings, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

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