3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring There is a disturbing misconception circulating the diamond jewelry industry that couples deciding to get engaged require a 6-figure salary just to afford a customized diamond engagement ring. Well, designing your own diamond engagement ring is actually something that can be enjoyed by everyone, seeing online jewelry stores ask for far less (40-50%) for the same ring that is being sold at any reputable brick and mortar store. Sounds surprising? It shouldn’t.

Additionally – couples have started looking at ‘design your own’ features when browsing online diamond engagement ring catalogues. The reasons for this can be many however there is one engagement ring design that has always stood the test of time. Proposing to your girlfriend this year? Here is why you should consider putting a 3 stone diamond engagement ring on her finger.

3- Stone Diamond Engagement Rings: What Does This Design Signify?

Also known as ‘trio’, ‘trilogy’, or ‘trinity’ rings, this design has become the popular choice for couples who wish to set themselves apart. A simple diamond solitaire ring will work for some people but not for all! It is the 3-stone design that adds beauty, versatility and an extra dazzle to your diamond engagement ring. By proposing to your loved one with this incredibly romantic and beautiful design, you are really:

Telling a Story

This design comparably holds more meaning and substance than the traditional solitaire ring. The three-stone ring design has always had the ability to tell the world a story – of two lovers. Unlike other ring designs, (even the most popular ones) 3-stone diamond engagement rings represent the past, present, and future. This is one reason why this ring design is such a thoughtful silver jubilee anniversary present!

Alternately, the unique design also represents friendship, love and fidelity. One word for every stone!

Making a Statement

Women today hate being like a wallflower. They want to be seen and heard. They like to stand out from the crowd. Proposing your loved one with a 3 stone engagement ring is the ultimate confidence booster, not only for herself but also your relationship. Making a style statement that resonates heavily with meaning is easy with a 3 stone engagement ring. Choosing one allows a couple to be creative as there are many different styles to select from as well as choosing of different stones for the best finish.

Make the engagement ring more meaningful by setting yours and your loved one’s birthstones on the side setting and a lovely solitaire diamond in the center. Solitaire Jewelers offers beautiful and unique 3 stone engagement ring styles! You can also have your ring made via the ‘design your ring’ feature.