Round cut diamond s are inarguably the most sought after cut in the world. According to a research, from all the diamond sales, around 75% is round cut. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that this cut preserves and enhances brilliance of the stone, thus making it ideal for jewelry.

This makes round cut diamonds the most expensive of the lot. Let us look at the reasons that make these diamonds outshine the other cuts.

Their Brilliance

A round diamond derives its unbeatable brilliance from its cut. Roundness in a diamond allows for maximum light to get reflected. Usually, round diamonds have fifty eight facets, also known as polished surfaces. This makes it possible for a ray of light to get reflected with ease and makes a diamond shine bright.

High Demand as Compared to Supply

When a product is in demand, its prices naturally rise as a rule of marketing. Round cut diamonds are not freely available in the market in all grades, which make it a rare commodity for most. The reason behind this fact lies in the time and effort which goes in cutting one round diamond. A round diamond is cut to very strict specifications for ideal symmetry and facet arrangement to maximize light scintillation for best brilliance.  


The reason behind calculated production of round diamonds is the wastage which results in carving a round shape out of a diamond. The amount of rough stone which has to go in waste to chisel a round shape is far more than that of any other shapes such as princess cut, emerald cut, etc. This makes the cost per carat of a round diamond higher than that of various other cuts.

If you compare a round diamond with any other cut with the same color, clarity, and carat, a round diamond will cost your around 20% to 30% more.  Regardless of the fact that round diamonds are more expensive than the rest, it continues to be one of the favorite cuts in the market.

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