Gone are the days when diamond engagement rings were displayed on plush cushions – chosen with just a point of the finger. Gone are the days of mass marketing and production of diamond engagement rings, one design to fit every woman. Gone are the days of not having enough choices in diamond rings.


The modern bride is doing away with the concept of pre-made diamond engagement rings as per the jeweler’s and market’s preference. The newest trend to hit the diamond engagement ring market is… customized rings!

Are you planning to propose to your beloved? There are many reasons why it’s a better idea to design the engagement ring rather than purchase a pre-made one.

One of a Kind Style and Design

Your loved one is a unique person… different from everyone else in the world. She deserves a ring that is different in style and design, one that reflects her personality! When you buy a ring from a traditional jewelry store, chosen from the catalogue – you’re really choosing a ring that’s owned by other women as well!

Big chains and jewelry stores mass-produce and market their ring styles and designs, so don’t be surprised if your colleague’s wife has the same ring.

Comfort Fit and Practical

It’s difficult to get the perfect and comfortable shank fitting when looking at mass produced ring styles. Comfort fit rings have slightly curved edges on the ring’s inside. This results in an incredibly comfortable fit.

On the other hand, standard rings have a straight interior and don’t possess the extra slight metal dome that is a trademark of custom designed rings. This step in the finishing of a ring is considered unnecessary which is why most mass-manufacturing facilities don’t design this feature.  

Choose the Perfect Ring According Your Budget

The best advantage of designing your own diamond engagement ring is that the perfect style can be chosen regardless of budget constraints. You can choose how high or low you wish to pay for the engagement ring.

Why pick an expensive one if you can do without the unnecessary expenditure while ensuring a beautiful and flawless engagement ring?

With custom designed rings, you can choose every aspect of the ring i.e. its metal, stone carat, or other precious stone alternatives that can lower down the cost even more.

Yes, going this route is definitely easier and simpler on the pocket and mind of the couple. However, it’s a good idea to do as much research as possible on the jewelers before saying yes to an engagement ring design.

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